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Oh, dear - how awful! Thank goodness no one was hurt! And you know that it wasn't your fault, so you just eliminate that right now!

I'm just grateful that nothing happened to YOU!

Take care, hon.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:24 AM  

F*ers. You know people in the Fed. Don't forget that. We've got your back.

Love you.

By Blogger Amie, at 10:42 AM  

I'm so sorry to hear about all the negative excitement around the library. The main thing is that you and all of your staff were not harmed. Here's wishing you an infinitely better day today.

By Blogger Carolyn, at 11:38 AM  

How do.
A break-in & the resulting theft are horrible to endure. I'm sorry for you & your staff. Sounds as tho' you handled it perfectly & called in just the right folks to help.

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:59 PM  

Oh, No, I'm so sorry that you got robbed-I can't believe that someone robbed a LIBRARY. Pitiful! Jane

By Blogger jane, at 6:07 PM  

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005  

Robbed! - Really.

Yesterday was unusually slow in the morning. One of those days when you just feel things are quiet - nobody in on the computers - nobody making copies. I still had bill paying to do - bureaucratic bill paying is different from your personal bill paying. You have to have copies of every bill you pay, even if the bill is a single sheet of very heavy copy paper with no duplicate printed tally beneath a tear- on-the-dotted-line. You must sign each of them, date them and include your title. Sometimes you get a return envelope and sometimes you have to address one. You can use the fast but networked public printer then, or the S. L. O. W. HP5 at your desk - you pick: zip, walk out to the circ desk, zip, walk out to the circ desk ... or f. e. e. d., w. a. i. t., f. e. e. d., w. a. i. t.

Anyway you get the idea - it’s an all morning job. So - back from lunch I begin to hang some high school art in the kid’s section of the library and notice the screen is out of the window. Well - my prejudices whisper cynically that a cheap modern screen popped loose and a lawn mower guy bumped into it and was too trifling to put it back in - just propped it against the windows. I open the window, notice it’s not just out, but bent - in fact, so bent I’m going to have to push it from the outside while someone inside closes the little flanges and double dang! One flange is bent so go get the pliers.

Cheap aluminum screen back in window I am hanging pictures when my assistant returns from lunch and informs me that, not only is the little box with copier dimes and dollars missing from the front desk (probably $20) but the two vinyl bank bags in the drawer in my desk are also gone! My prejudices kick in again, completely erasing immediate previous handywoman efforts from consciousness - "she doesn't know what she's talking about-they were just there yesterday evening" - and I go look for myself. Yep. Gone. This is a bigger loss but I can’t really remember how much $ was in those. We make bank deposits about once a month and I try to keep $100 in cash to make change and to mail ILL books back. The $ loss is frustrating, but the sense of violation is much worse. "Someone has been in my desk," growls Boss Bear, "and stolen my petty cash!"

This is sober stuff.

I call the county administrator, who actually hasn’t any more idea what to say than I - no - he has less to say than I. So I begin telling him what I'm going to do - that I have absolute faith in my staff, onnacounta, hell, they could pilfer forever and nobody would know but outright taking the bags is gonna show up immediately, right? I tell him I’ll call the cleaning agency and the sheriff and he is glad I have an idea what to do because he doesn’t. I do both, speaking to the cleaning lady and leaving a message for the sheriff to call me back. I’m already thinking the cleaning crew, which has swapped around for a while, is probably guilty when I go out to the workroom and I notice the file cabinet has been broken into too! And for god’s sake - it wasn’t even locked!

Like a kaleidoscope, the pieces tumble into place - it was a break-in. By now, the sheriff has called back, listened to my tale, and promised a deputy - who turns out to be one of my little story hour boys of 20 years ago and I feel so old and so sad. And he’s so cute in blue and has this white blonde hair in a crew cut and I’m wondering which little high school girl has fallen in love with him, all spiffy in his uniform. I see him at the gym sometimes, becoming muscular and big and powerful and strong. He’s got the best qualification I know of to be a policeman - he’s quiet and calm. Still, I can tell he’s excited to get the chance to take fingerprints around the window - where he gets a great set - which are probably mine.

So I let my board pres. know about it and tell the county admin. it was not a real inside job, although my guess is that someone unlatched the window during the day and we forgot to check the locks, but a break-in. And his first reaction was how glad he is that it wasn’t employee theft - which is a comfort, of course, only now I feel a hell of a lot more exposed and vulnerable and besides, once the word gets out how easy it is to break in - it will happen again. And now we face the greater threat of electronics theft or vandalism. And now we will have to spend K$ on a security system. And the absolute worst of all is that I have a little inside feeling that this job was done by some youths who live near by and use the computers all the time, and did NOT come by yesterday even once - and are stupid enough to take only money and not the expensive PDF in the same drawer which looks like a cheap plastic calculator and they don't go to school anyway so they don't need to know how to find the answer to a math problem.

And mostly I am thinking shit shit shit shit and am really sad.

We will also get the sheriff in next Friday when we have our staff meeting and have him go through the place for security leaks and wise routine checks and hell, I ought to have done this long ago but was lulled into a lazy trust by 27 years of never having any problem at the library. And what if someone wanted to trash the books or just be plain mean - and crapola I have had enough excitement for the past 2 years that I really don’t need any more.

And then I was checking the restrooms and found a backed up toilet so I got to whine to Jerry who is such a darling and he told me his house was burgled so bad they even took the chicken his wife had planned to cook for dinner but that was a burgling ring and I think this was done by someone[s] I know and see all the time and he says he’ll be right over to fix the toilets which is such a comfort because even though I have faith I can handle Serious Problems, it’s so nice to have a kind and cheerful man with tools around.

And of course, I can’t help but feel ashamed and embarrassed that a burglary occurred on my watch and I know that is stupid but I feel that way anyway.

And then I was spinning with my Kundert drop spindle when . . . all the yarn just fell off the end and then spiraled around itself!

And then Dean didn’t call and tell me he was bringing me my car and it was 3 miles away and what the heck he locks the keys in the building and when I called at a little after 5 nobody answered and BD isn’t supposed to drive so how in the hell am I going to get home? (though I remember the 12 hide-a-keys and calm down) And besides, by now I am not capable of getting flapped and anyway - there’s no point. I just feel like I am being punched by life.

Well hell. I was.

So - the string of crappy things finally came to a halt at WW where I lost 1.2 lbs which is something to cheer anybody up.

And now it’s Wednesday - hump day - so that means the weekend isn’t far away and I am going to see my parents on Saturday and I’m just so happy to think about that I can’t possibly be blue. Besides, I got email from P yesterday too and I have missed her so while she’s been so busy but there’s promise that we can get together soon.


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