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Poor little guy, so proud of himself for finding that little dead thing, and mom and dad don't seem to understand how cool it is!

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I've just re-read your thoughts on gifts - I completely agree. I like to give gifts, but it's not as much a "let me give a gift" as it is a "I knew you would like this, I care about you, and want to be part of making you happy" or something like that. Gifts are because I love - never to be made an obligation.

By Blogger Amie, at 5:49 PM  

How do.
Fingers crossed that we all don't have drought conditions this summer !!!
Why don't I know about Deb M. videos? I am looking for more knitting & spinning items for the Library's collection.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005  

Rain rain rain - it is a rainy spring; a cool spring; a very pretty spring. Round ‘cheer it’s what’s called an English spring and everybody knows that Anything English has to be better - except the food because English food is Virginia food without the cornmeal.

The last time I remember a spring where it never warmed up, my niece Margaret (who’s 41 now) was in high school and Grandma took us all out in her little rowboat to watch the 4th of July fireworks. Almost immediately after that we had one of those Virginia droughts where it was a zillion degrees every day with no rain but a zillion percent humidity. We were living in the yurt then and it was hot as the proverbial ... I wonder what it will be like to have a long cool spring and a hot sticky droughty summer. (Note - I have already decided we will have the same weather in 2005 that we had in 1980.)

The car is still not fixed. I believe it will cost more than a Lendrum spinning wheel and accessories to fix it. Sorry about that confusion, guys. I would love to buy a new wheel, but the only one I really want is the $ x K Golding and I have to sell the Triplet Celtic II harp first. BD said he would sell it for me and he’s a much better merchant than I and I thanked him profusely for his offer. Nevertheless - I will somehow ransom my car between now and tomorrow morning and drive it to Richmond and hug my parents.

At MSW, B bought a Fricke drum carder (pant pant pant) and she’s been playing with it for 2 weeks. A friend brought her some brand X fleece and she has carded it alone and with some other fibers she had. She brought them to WW with her last night (where I actually gained 1 lb but it is all salt, I know, onna counta I can zip into the spandex skirt without needing the spandex) to let me play with them and the look of thrill and excitement on her face is enough to light up a rain dark evening. If I can slip away on Sunday I plan to drive over to her house and play with it too. I gave her the two Deb Menz videos to check out. How I long to try that technique she did of stacking all those blended bats and then pulling them into that huge long stretch of what she calls "complex" roving.

Having only one vehicle means that I have to start getting ready for work early. Dear Darling Sweetest BD is constitutionally incapable of meeting another’s schedule. His invariable response to "Time To Go" is to wander off and start a project. Knowing this about him, I know also that I must issue that dread command (TTG) far ahead of the Real Time To Go (RTTG). So - I am off to Get Ready for RTTG!

And what is wrong with me that I can’t seem to knit or spin or do a single thing fiberish except talk about other peoples fiber adventures.

Okay - gross out time - I had the front door open so I could concentrate on my witty scintillating blog post and Cute Little Baby Puppy could go pee if he had to and instead he brought in some horrid dead thing he’s been chewing on all night and took it upstairs to show Daddy. We just now got him cornered and with copious amounts of day-old newspaper we got his prize away from him and back out into the forest where it belongs. He’s a philosophical little chap. His response was to go find a toilet to drink out of. Ahh well. Somethin’s always happ’nin on a farm.
Off to open all the windows.

posted by Bess | 7:55 AM