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Monday, May 23, 2005  


I had a super sweet weekend of not thinking, even for a moment, about the library. It was completely restorative. Sleep came to me like it does to a healthy babe. It never rained till after sundown. There is no morning fog. I have been wrapped in love and was able to escape into video mode to watch cute [not so] little baby puppy antics.

On our lovely walk out into Virginia's verdure, Capt. J. got to help corner, dig for, chase and lose his first bunny, he took his first long foray into unknown territory without mama and daddy, and he jumped off the bank into Farmer's Hall Creek and then scrabbled his own way back up. He's now, officially, BigChampion.

Absolutely no fiber this weekend and now I'm off to pay bills. Will return sometime with a long (ranting?) thoughtful (picky) trenchant (caustic) post (diatribe) about gift giving. But first I have to face the world of Carless Librarian with Deadbolts, Deadlines and Departed Janitor.

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