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Tuesday, May 03, 2005  

Oh. Thank goodness - Dear Sweet Soul Sister C has expressed her own dawning ambivalence about heading off for MSW and by stating that she, too, wonders how she can leave Child and Work and Puppy, has siphoned off most of mine! Thank you sugar.

Besides, I know that I always get this aching peri-homesick depression whenever I plan an exciting trip that includes most of my favorite girlfriends and none of the important men in my life. I give off doubt filled bad girl pheremones and the MiML sniff them out and come whining - or worse - sit soulfully and tell me sighingly about what I will be missing at home. I am just so glad this is a gender thing and has nothing to do with reality.

I will be at the fairgrounds on Saturday morning.

It’s probably a good thing this festival is coming up because otherwise I am about as unfocused as a ball of cotton. I can’t seem to pick a project - or even imagine one to pick up. I can’t seem to find a movie I want to watch or a book I want to read and I have SummerReadingClub to prepare for at work - which means a whole lotta planning goin’ on. Huh? Plan? Yeah, sure.

Spring, for all it’s lush color - doesn’t seem to want to settle into the atmosphere. It stays cool when it’s not down right cold. We had a fire in the stove last night - and there are 3 blankets on the big bed. Only the puppy finds it hot. This is not an actual complaint - that won’t come till mid-June, when, if I’m still not swimming, I will allow bitter words to issue from my lips. In fact, a little cool this weekend will be welcome. Nobody needs to go to a wool festival in hot weather - even if our brains tell us it’s early May and we ought to have expected to sweat. The big joke is, the weather dot com guys offer the Champlain folk high 60’s and rain and yet, for the guys up north, they’re hinting at high 70’s with some cloud cover. Hmmm. So the question is - what to pack? shorts? jeans? short sleeves? sweaters? I’ve put on enough weight since January that both my shorts and my jeans are a little tight. What do I have that will be comfortable.

I hate to pack heavy and love to pack light. I have not yet weaned myself from my hair dryer, but I can wear the same outer clothes 2 days running and not feel too frumpy. But when the weather could be anything from frostbite to sunburn, ain’t nothin’ for it but to pack twice.

The Spring Fling bag is dry enough to photograph - I think there’s one more shot on the roll of film in the camera. Most of the rest of the photos will be cutebabypuppy pictures. BD took Captain Jack out to Farmer’s Hall Creek yesterday and he went swimming. Not just putting his feet in the water, no, not our little duck dog. He paddled out after The Aunts. He’s very proud of himself. He is also getting too thin. All these walks are fine, but he needs to eat more. Trouble is, if we leave his food out we’re chasing The Aunts away from his bowl all day long. And he would rather have Dryco than Puppy Chow anyway. The floor is littered with chew toys so you can be sure my socks or my shoes are in his mouth.

Puppies are so much fun.

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