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Tuesday, May 17, 2005  

Lawsee - it's nigh on to 8 o'clock - thank goodness I have nothing to say so I ought to be able to fill the paragraphs quickly.

Yesterday I spent the day paying bills for the library. I finally got them done - when in walked my treasurer to help me pay TheOtherBills. Didn't get outta there till 6! Now I only have to spend the rest of my budget before June 30. I make a very good bureaucrat. Did you ever think how much being a government employee is really just being a catalog shopper?

No fiber - except the sort you eat. Tonight is WW. There are 4 of us, now, driving to Warsaw on Tuesdays. L, who masks her nervousness by being critical and cranky and M, who hides it behind sweet laughter. Both are still new enough to be nervous - in a few months they will either quit or succeed and stop being nervous. B and I just plug along. This week was successful for me, but I refused to see what damage MSW did last week - so it may only look as if I am treading water.

I got the new KnitPicks catalog yesterday and all those scarves on the cover looked sort of like one of those Colinette affghans - and I suddenly thought about making one for myself. Hmmmm it would be $$$$$$ less than buying the welsh yarn. Might just calculate it out and compare.

okay - after 8 - time to go make breakfast.

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