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Monday, May 16, 2005  

Funny the things that catch your eye after big life changing events - (uh, duh, Bess). The 9-screen article in the NYT about one’s post heart attack care and its link to one’s income is just the sort of thing I would have harumphed about in the past - tell me something new besides poor people don’t fare as well as rich people - and clicked on to the fashion page. Instead, I read it and in the end reached the same conclusion. But now I can try to place myself on Ms/Mr. Scott‘s chart and see whether we are upper, middle or lower class.

Bad eating habits and silly health routine - Low Class
911 called (when he finally decided it was serious) - Upper/Middle Class
Clot buster as first line of battle - Middle Class
Stent inserted within 5 hours of attack (though Melanie had seen him that afternoon and said he was really moving slowly - so who knows when the attack began) - Upper Class
Wildly Supportive Family with great wisdom, self educating, willing to make enormous changes in routines so that patient will not mind making substantive changes in lifestyle - Upper Class
Willingness of patient to make almost all substantive changes in lifestyle (with only a little nudging by Wildly Supportive Family Member) - Upper Class
Low stress environment with time to move back into work when ready - Upper Class
Income somewhere between $23K and $73K - probably Low Class
Safe easy place to walk - Upper Class
Cardiac rehab program available, probably not going to follow through though - Middle Class

Of course, the term class is an uncomfortable one in this day of Very Careful Use Of Language. I don’t believe I have used it publicly since I was in high school. So - what is class? Is it just a combination of money and education? Must it include family heritage or can one earn enough money to enter a higher level of class? And in the case of heart disease, does family heritage (i. e. cooking habits and attitudes towards the medical world) negate the benefits of income? What about the well educated with questing minds who don’t chose to work in high paying jobs? Are they low class and destined for bad health care or can the weight of knowledge balance out the lack of ready cash or supportive health insurance?

Well - I suppose I don’t really care - in fact, I wish I hadn’t started down this road - but I did so little this weekend I hardly have anything to post. And I am somehow bothered by the emptiness of that article. I like reading about things which have a direct impact on me (mememememe) and mine (mineminemineminemine) but I never did get the point of this article which so banaly points out the obvious, but then adds the juicy details. It seems the author ought to have been an advocate for something, if he/she was going to write that many words about it. Even the old True Crime or True Romance articles used to come to some sort of conclusion besides Health Care is Expensive.

I am a little skeptical that any doctor would tell a patient, even one with limited English to start eating as an aid to quit smoking. But hey - this is the NYT - bastion of the convenient statement regardless of truth.

As for what TheQueen did yesterday, well, mostly I slept and when I wasn’t sleeping I was lolling. It was a grey day with occasional bouts of drizzle and one real shower and I just vegged with BD, books, puppies and the briefest bits of spinning. I napped, I grazed the kitchen, and watched videos. A complete recuperative weekend with time for the body and the psyche to build up new reserves to face the future.

Which is here today - Monday Monday, can’t trust that day. Fortunately I don’t have to - I have just pleasant work to do with time to do it in. There are no meetings, no appointments and no deadlines awaiting me. There may even be a little time to clear off my desk!

In the mean time, I will try to keep my inner Virgoan scold from pricking my maxed out psyche with exhortations to BeUseful and BeProductive. I will try to remind myself that to go from TheWeddingHigh to TheHeartAttack in the space of 3 months is a lot of emotional roller coastering and a little buzz-off down time is what is called for. Let’s just do the nap thing on weekends and, who knows - I might just be able to knit on that BriccaTheAran sometime long about September.

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