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Saturday, May 21, 2005  

The Full Moon obliges us to identify messy parts of our lives that need clearing up, but it also prevents us from remaining in blissful ignorance. But though it is often thought of as a 'mixed blessing' - and though this week's Full Moon is due to be exceptionally intense, it is always a positive influence. Prepare for a week of revelation and transformation.

Well - after this past week I suppose I should like some transformations. What a dreadful week. Everything from finding porn web sites on the reference desk computer on Monday when we get to work, through finding the petty cash gone, the car needs major cash infusions, a friend dies and the guy who does the janitorial work (and looks at porn on the computers on the weekends) gets into a quarrel with me when I call him on it, stomps off and quits his job with the cleaning agency, who calls to complain to me about it, claiming that he was “Only checking his e-mail”, to which I reply “How’s about I come over and check my e-mail on your office computer?”. This is too much to even be funny about. Any transformation has to be better than that.

Part of me would like to be able to turn this all into a hilarious stand-up monologue. A bigger part of me would like it to all go away. Mostly, I’d say my life has plenty of messy parts, about now - and a week like this makes me question just how sloppy have I been over the past ___ of time. This is because Virgo’s can always find a reason it is All Their Fault. Worse than battling my virgoian hypochondria (I know I have cancer cells growing in my body somewhere!) is battling my hypofaultia. The impulse to strive towards perfection is strong within us. I am sure that most Jedi knights are Virgos.

And speaking of things StarWarian - we plan to go watch TheMovie this weekend. And if the lines are too long or the kids are too rowdy we will watch Hitchhiker’s guide - though I have lower expectations of that. One generation’s animated version of the previous generation’s idea of wacko is not likely to be satisfactory. I expect the film to be aimed at the twenties and thirties crowd, not us old farts who read the book when it first came out. Still, one of the great statements of philosophy came out of Hitchhiker’s guide - to which I cling, especially after weeks like this past one. “Just what I thought ... I’m a pretty neat guy.”

We are also going over to T&P to celebrate their daughter D’s graduation from college. This is a very old friendship that has ebbed and flowed like the tide, over the decades. While our activities have pulled us out of each other’s daily, or even monthly, orbit, the fondness remains, so that we can reconnect easily when time and opportunity allows.

Sunday night, probably when we go watch a movie in town, we’ll drop off the little car at MrAutoMan’s, where it will have all night to cool down and can be operated on first thing Monday morning. We are assured that a timing chain takes 8 $37.00 hours to replace. But after that I am going to have my little chariot professionally cleaned and drive right down to NAPA and pick up brand new hubcaps. Those red neck wheels have bugged me long enough.

I have had a very good 11 days following the WW program. Got in some good workouts - which always make the diet part of this so much easier to take. I bought one of those 12 week food journals 2 weeks ago. The idea is that by the time it is full, I will be back at goal and my reward will be an all new gym outfit - from bag to water bottle to shoes, socks, shorts and top.

So. Knitting Blog. Fiber arts stuff. Well. I have nothing to show for this week other than the wad of pretty lavender blue merino singles that fell off the Kundert. I suppose I will wind it, extremely slowly, into a center pull ball and ply it. About the only joy I’ve had in fiber this week has been to gaze at the rest of that beautiful bag of merino while I loll about in bed. It’s on the dresser in the corner of the room and is one of the first things I see in the morning and last I see at night.

I make no promises for the future, either. Just gonna see what happens. And play with puppies.

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