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So glad you feel better, sweets! Enjoy a leisurely, puppycuddle day.


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Friday, May 13, 2005  

Cherilyn gets the prize for first sweetheart knitting buddy to remember where that article on the kimono sweater was hidden! It’s in the Interweave Press F1999 issue!! I am so excited I could skip and dance. She has just given me a whole morning of sweet hours to play with my spinning now that I don’t have to dig through every issue of every knitting magazine I own. After my first, unsuccessful, cursory perusal I was trying to figure out which magazine might have had an article like this and I’d eliminated Cast On and Knitters. That left Vogue, IK, and Knit’N’Style. My money would have been on K’N’S because they tend to have better articles, but now I know, so I don’t have to shuffle the bookshelves.


On the health front - I have stepped outside the box in the great Battle Of The Allergies and gone to a chiropractor who gave me two treatments. One is an ionizing treatment that supposedly draws toxins out of the body through the feet. The other was to put a vibrating thing on my throat and chest that shook something out of the rocks that were my glands and superior vena cava. Do not ask me to explain - or rather - accept only that I walked in there feeling sick enough to take the day off and I walked out feeling well enough to stay at work all day. Of course, I didn’t. Hey - the body was willing, but the mind was weak and the accumulated sick leave is way beyond the allowable limit. I finished up the work at hand, and left at lunch. I was sleepy - I just didn’t feel like I had a piece of lava lodged in my chest.

Now - I am always suspicious of anything that claims to pull toxins out of the body. The very word "toxins" sounds like witchcraft jargon to me. I had an aunt who detoxed herself to death using alternative treatments for breast cancer. I am not a physician nor versed in ancient healing lore. It is not that I have either no confidence nor complete confidence in western medicine. I only know that there are many paths to the truth. If one path is not taking you to your destination it is wise to chose a different path.

Would I have started to feel better anyway, had I just let time do its thing? I don’t know. I don’t even care. I am just glad that I feel better now. And I am glad I arranged to go home early yesterday and go in late today. I’ve got meetings on into the evening - I’m still giving the library it’s 8 hours.

Though we talked to LD yesterday, we will celebrate at a birthday party on Saturday at their house. Sweet, sweet times, to be able to have a happy birthday celebration that lasts 2 weeks. Of course they still haven’t learned to celebrate the whole month, but they may in time.

I plied up the ratty looking yarn I’d spun on HeyBaby and changed the drive band on her too. When I first got HB, I tied the knot in the drive band at such a point that I can’t use it on the smaller whorl. When I want to spin lace weight I have to use a different band because the knot in the original band is so tight it would never come undone. But on the bigger whorl it is so perfect I’m not tempted to try a third band that can switch from whorl to whorl. So - there are 2 bands that take turns on the wheel, while the unused one loops around one of the wheel shafts - at the perfect height for a cutelittlebabypuppy to play with ... till his mama smacks his little nose and says "NO".

It’s a cool day today - slightly cloudy - the promise of rain, but a vain one. I don’t think it will really rain until smack in the weekend. I don’t have any laundry on the line, so what would be the point in raining? It is also a sweet Friday and my house is magically pristine thanks to the Marvelous Sheryl. No more lava rocks in my chest. A lawn’n’leaf bag full of fibers? Sounds like the perfect combination. I think I’ll go indulge.

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