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Thursday, May 26, 2005  

Ahh Marfa - I discovered the Deb Menz videos when I was trying to buy her first book - and found it sold out! The videos actually have all the basic information the book has, but in it’s own condensed format. Get them both - since they cover different aspects of fleece manipulation and color. One concentrates more on actually putting dye into the fiber and the other is more about carding and combing and color theory. They are Victorian videos productions but I bought the library copies from Baker & Taylor - so your library will have no trouble getting them via their usual sources. Of course, the book Color in Spinning has been reissued so get the book too.

Little stinky poo puppy was all white and fluffy and clean when I got home last night, ready to play for just a little bit and then beg to sprawl across my chest and go to sleep. Of course, little is relative when speaking of dogs. On Monday he weighted 22.5 lbs but that’s still little enough to pick up and carry around. I will weep when he is too big for me to do that.

I had such an odd day yesterday. Wednesdays, because the first half of them are taken over by the chaos that is pre-schoolers, are always sort of intuitive days. One must be open to what is offered on Wednesdays. They are days when surprises happen. Except for the 4 times a year when we have a library board meeting, I never really feel like they are serious days; days when one must Be Sober And Fill In All The Blanks On Life’s Forms - In Triplicate. They’re more like Glenda the Good Witch days or Fairie Days or Let’s just do something different days. A Wednesday before I take a Thursday to go play is even more loosey goosey because then it has about it the added sensation of TheDayBeforeVacation. So it was no surprise when I looked up from the circ desk and saw T smiling on the other side. It’s always exciting to see T because she always brings the freshness of Away with her. Though she grew up here and our friendship goes way way back, she lives InTheCity (a real city, not like Richmond, which, in spite of sprawl, is a Southern City and thus, still immediately connected to it’s agricultural marketplace origins.) We had lunch together and she listened to catch-up news from Bess, who had both a Wedding and a Heart Attack to tell about. She has a new (to her) red jeep type car that was fun to zip around town in. For the most part, I don’t care about cars - A Purse on Wheels, one woman I know used to call them. But now and then I can actually have an opinion about a car.

Anyway, seeing T wasn’t the odd part of the day, but nattering on about my spiritual side to her seemed to prime some sort of pump and soon I was blabbering to everyone else who came within orbit afterwards. I don’t go on much about What I Believe (in a spiritual sense), and it’s corollary What I Have Experienced on the blog because it is supposed to be a fiber blog and besides, I prefer to get twilight zoney face to face. But I did go from T right into my doctor’s office and blabbered on about it there (well, he asked!) and then, back at work, somehow started flowing on with our Wednesday volunteer who I really did shock - though in the most pleasant way - because she had assumed I was a .... hmmm .... rock ribbed traditionalist from a No Outside Options church. Which made me laugh so because, really, I’m the daughter of a druid and a lapsed bogeyman catholic. So blabbering to three people about TheInnerBess was what made the day so odd.

No wonder I had weird dreams and woke up mega early.

What made the day so nice (more evidence of the Fix-it Faeries) was a fax I got about the library's web site, which has been mostly to all the way down for months because of a series of unfortunate events. It should be back up and functional in June! Hooray!

On the fiber front - alas - all I did yesterday was leaf through the latest KnitPicks catalog daydreaming of all the books I might buy. The thought of buying more yarn sort of makes me sick - and I have my Brooks Farm sweater to finish and baby booties I could knit on or any number of things I might do - but I have a great need to finish something. I believe I shall make a rolled brim hat from stash yarn. That ought to go fast and it might be just the stimulation I need. Or I might just daydream the weekend away.

I got the notice from MAFA about the classes I singed up for. I am so thrilled that I got both the Patsy Zawistoski classes I’d hoped for. My third class will be one on spinning fur and I have a sweet little bag of Priss fur to take with me. I am thinking very seriously about buying a set of combs to take with me, since they are on the list of recommended tools to have along. I believe it’s not necessary to have all the tools suggested, but it is advised. I have cards. I have always wanted combs, though I would rather have a hackle. We shall just have to see. It may be that I’ll borrow when I’m there and then buy after I’ve had a chance to try some tools. Anyway - all that fun is for July - 7 weeks away.

Here is wishing Jen of Spirit Trail Fiberworks another super weekend on the fiber festival trails. She’ll be at Mass. Sheep & Wool.

Oh - is that a cute little baby puppy I hear barking at me? Best go check that out.

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