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ahhhhhhhhhh he is so cute
gee I miss my dog
give him a big smushy kiss for me ok?

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Friday, May 27, 2005  

4 weeks has finally divided into the months in such a way that I get a hair cut twice in May. That means I have to be outta hear so dang early there's hardly time to find my shoes (which cute little baby puppy finally pretty much ruined - but they were 3 years old and he is so cute).

I would be grumbling about having to go in so early except I took yesterday off and we have a staff meeting at 10 and I am, at 6:49 a.m., not ready for it. Soooooo

All my fiber news is of the shopping variety. On the way home I stopped at Barnes and Noble - yes Jane - at Your Barnes and Noble - and wrote down the ISBN of all the new knitting books the library really needs to own. I found another new British knitting magazine on the racks, but it was just so so so very YouCanKnitTooEZKnittingProjects I didn't buy it. Nevertheless, it is nice to see 9 - you count 'em - NINE knitting magazines out there. Too bad they are all summer mags, none of them particularly drool inducing. I did buy InKniters for the instructions on the Origami sweater. The two books I had to bring home were:


and the most unbelievably expensive craft magazine - $15!!! - but with rather a lot of interesting ideas in it - certainly art-crafts not kitch.

Thank the lord for long weekends. Thanks to the Magnificent Sheryl I plan to play through it all.

I leave now with this question to ponder. Can TheQueen get lucky and get The Perfect Haircut today?

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