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Thursday, April 14, 2005  

Well - I am glad I didn’t come off too snotty - because when you talk about someone who can do it all, more-than-you, it’s easy to sound like sour grapes. I can’t deny there might be a little vinegar deep in my soul, but mostly there is admiration and a pleasant enjoyment of the fruits of more-than-me.

The BigEvent is just 3 weeks and a day away, for at Crack0Dawn on Friday I’ll be heading off for J's mama’s house. Rendezvous there, to speed north to Frederick, MD, where we’re spending the night. I am still trying to think about how much I will spend and what I will spend it on. I almost never buy yarn at MSW, because a. I have a ton of yarn - and b. I always imagine I will do my own dyeing and spinning of my own unique fibers. At this point I don’t have much in the way of empty spots to fill in the StashFromHeck, so shopping this year will be the first time when it will be merely to provide self with the unique, the truly rare, the one-of-a-kind. A tall order to fill, since my arrogance is such that I believe; "I could do that" - about 99.9999999999999999% of the time whenever I see yarn or fiber or even knitted objects.

And perhaps it is not arrogance. Perhaps in some other life I was a master weaver or court spinner or imperial embroiderer and that sense of knowing I feel, when I look at fiber things - that feeling of "Oh yes, I can do that - I’ve done it before" is really some sort of trans-generational memory. The first time I sat down to a sewing machine I knew. The first time I put in a zipper it was perfect. My sewing teacher, way back when I was 12, was utterly amazed and pushed me as hard and as fast as I would go. While the rest of the class was still trying to hem their aprons, I was matching gingham checks in a yoke front dress with placket cuffed sleeves. In a long life of enjoying and looking at and actually doing fiber projects, I have only once looked at something and thought "Oh. I couldn’t do that." One of my library volunteers, K, is a level 20 Japanese embroiderer and when I saw her work I thought "Nope. couldn’t do that. Never did that before." She teases me and says "Of course you can" but I know I can’t. For all the sweeping admiration I have of the work, for all I would actually consider purchasing a piece of it - I know. I know I never did it in a former life. I know I couldn’t do it now.

Happily, K is doing a lecture/demonstration at the library on Saturday the 23rd and I will wallow in the pleasure of listening and watching. And all this chatter was but a prelude to the admission that I just might buy yarn this year at MSW. I sure don't need any spinning fiber.
I got in a little bit of spinning last night. I had to switch to the Golding spindle to do this next bit, because the little Bosworth is just too light to spin anything other than thin laceweight singles. I want to spin some thicker singles, because I’m putting together several different gauges of the same fiber. I love all my spindles, each for its own special features, but in the end I love my Golding the most. I only wish I had a lazy Kate for spindles. Hmmmm. Should that be what I buy at MSW? We shall see. Maybe a second Golding spindle. Hmmmm.

But there shan’t be much spinning or any other fiber treat today because we are off to celebrate a birthday this evening, after work. I will say no more, in case it is a surprise and in the even more rare case that the celebrant is reading this. On the way over, though, I will make BD stop at the Ben Franklin so I can buy a wire jig. I did not go over to Richmond last weekend. My gold filled wire arrived on Monday. I want to be sure to be able to play with it this Saturday. Especially since the Magnificent Sheryl comes today to make all ready for the weekend, and BD won’t be home long enough afterwards to get it all messy again.

Work life is gearing up into a mad spring frenzy. Next week is all library admin stuff - with two board meetings in the beginning of the week and a state wide meeting on Thursday. Friday I’ll be a hostess at B’s house, which is on the garden tour. Saturday is the embroidery program at the library. The following week my only full time staffer goes on vacation so we’ll be short staffed all week. Then comes the heart stopping anticipatory WeekBeforeMSW. There’s a pay day somewhere in that time, along with two whopping income tax days. And an anniversary for us BigDarlings (31 years!) and the week after MSW is LD’s birthday. Then the school tours begin at work, as we try to drum up enthusiasm for our summer reading programs. And then it’s summer. WHEW is all I can say.

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