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Monday, April 11, 2005  

We bid good-bye to John and Sarah Churchill last night, watching episode 12, getting all riled up at Harley (Haaaawlee) and St. John and Mistress Meecham and weeping a little as Godolphin’s health failed him. The episode I watched those many years ago, with Mama, was #11, which we watched on Saturday, over dinner. BD wasn’t too fond of this series at the beginning but by the end he was as swept up in Restoration Intrigues as I, though he doesn’t have the crush on either Susan Hampshire or John Neville, his stage struck wife has. (How I love those Brrrrrritish accents.) So afterwards, he pulled off Durant’s volume about Louis IV and read to me while I knit swatches for the BFL socks.

Today I shall interlibrary loan in these titles:

Memoirs of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough,: Together with her Characters of her contemporaries and her Opinions and Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough: With his original correspondence, collected from the family records at Blenheim and other authentic sources. At least, I shall try to borrow them. A quick search on Bookfinder prices out the duke’s memoirs between $524 and $1,165!!!

This video (also available on DVD) was an early effort at BBC’s historical portrayals and shows both it’s theatrical origins and the limitations of filming for television still abounding in the late ‘60’s, but it’s so fresh and so well written, so elegantly presented and so durn much fun to watch. If your library doesn’t have it, perhaps a gentle, written, suggestion would convince them to make the investment.

I finished up everything but the button band on the baby sweater yesterday. I believe it shan’t get blocked before it’s given away. Or perhaps I will block it this morning before I go to work and put the button band on afterwards. It’s such a wee thing it probably doesn’t really need blocking. I am glad I used this wide rib because that will give the sweater a little room to stretch as baby R grows. I am glad it’s done too, though.

I spent a good deal of time spinning up BFL too. I have 4 skeins now and each one of them is a different gauge. I was a little disturbed with this difference until I realized I could do some very fun experiments with these socks using all of the different gauges to enhance various stitches. I believe I shall call them "Variations on a Gauge."

BD and I hiked out to Robert’s Landing yesterday, enjoying the perfect blue dome of the sky and the glittering green of young wheat. I wanted to check the old pine tree to see if there were baby eagles this spring. Alas, Mr. and Mrs. B. Eagle have abandoned that nest. It’s collapsing in the weather, tilted steeply enough to spill out babies, with sticks dangling like bell clappers. Since they are still fishing from my back yard and since one of them circled us while we were on our walk, I know they are still around here, but they do not want me to know where their babies are and be sure, I won’t bother them with any snooping searches. I finally did read up on eagle habits and they definitely do not like to nest where people gather. It is enough that they grace me with their company while hunting and fishing. I don’t need to be the peeping tom in their lives.

And so another sweet weekend comes to a close. This week is not a particularly onerous one, other than the obligations to the IRS man. Somehow, when I took all the paperwork to the accountant I left out my W2. If I can’t find it in the file box I’ll have to get the county to make me a copy. Next week, though, looms as the most monstrous of busy weeks! Two board meetings, a state wide meeting, duty as a docent at one of the houses on the garden tour and our Japanese embroidery program at the library. Whew is all I can say about that week. The following is not so busy, but my assistant is going on vacation so we’ll be short staffed. But after that comes MSW, speeding down upon me, ratcheting up the excitement level, leading me to daydream away long hours of my life, with thoughts of the delights of food, fiber and friendship. Sweet.

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