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Nothin' like a new life to breathe life into the old folks! Enjoy, dears.

Love -

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:49 PM  

Oh, it's just horribly cruel of you, when you know I've had a rough weekend, to not post pictures of the little chub. What about naming him after a past or literature king or god? Hercules... John... Atlas...

I'm excited already for a visit this summer that will include puppy kisses!!!!

By Blogger Amie, at 2:15 PM  

LOL! From your description of Priss' and Socks' reaction to Puppy, I thought they were cats!! :-)

Ah, nothin' quite like puppy love, eh?

By Blogger Margaret, at 8:26 PM  

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Monday, April 25, 2005  


I have a brief few seconds while Puppy is not sitting in my lap - I’ll try toss out an update.

ThePatient is doing well. We had a late-ish breakfast; as in, late for me and way early for BD, in bed, while we tried to imagine how long it would take TheDarlings to get home with our NewBabyPuppy. BD is strictly in charge of his own meds and is doing a good job with it. We took several walks yesterday - one of them the full one mile circuit down the lane and back through the woods. We went slowly, more of an amble than a walk, and I watched him closely, because the dr. had said no more than 1/4 a mile. Later in the day he complained of being light headed so we called the doctor who told him to take one of his morning pills in the evening from now on and to expect a little lightheadedness right at the beginning. So long as he had no shortness of breath nor pain nor sweating we need not worry and he’d see us on Tuesday. I pointed out to him the necessity of taking shorter walks and treating his heart as if it were a sprained ankle. One doesn't walk on a sprained ankle and one doesn't walk on a strained heart. He agreed, so I know that faintness worried him. He ate 3 meals and 2 snacks again - and just as yesterday, consuming both a far smaller and far better balanced total in every way; fat, sugar, protein and carbs. This is looking good.

TheCaregiver is doing better too. I still felt mighty tired in the afternoon but I never did get around to falling asleep. The careful eating isn’t doing me a whit of harm either. And as would be expected, just having time to talk and talk and talk with this special man of mine has been doubly sweet. We are great talkers anyway, but when we think of what could have been the outcome of this past week ...

TheKnitter finished the body of the Spring Fling bag and is probably going to start on the flap and straps a little later this morning. I know I have a mesh lingerie bag around here somewhere and I will spend a little time digging for it in the heap. If I am unsuccessful in finding it, I’ll use the sure method of finding lost things: Buy a new one. I sense a serious felting era dawning.

TheProudParentsOfNewPuppy were watching a BBC Masterpiece theater video, about 5:30, when in walked a great big man with a fat little puppy. Off went the television. Up reached our arms. Laughter filled the room. Hugs wrapped around everybody. Kisses and strokes and giggles and snuggles and licks and tickles and cooing exclamations completed the welcome of NewBabyPuppy. He still hasn’t told us his name. We thought Beau at first, but that sounds too much like No. I said it should be a noble name because his head is so aristocratic; Duke would be my choice, but that didn’t suit Papa. Gus - short for Augustus - sounded good and quite noble, almost imperial, but now BD is saying it’s too much like Priss (?) and what about Captain - which I don’t like, though I could call him Cap’m only ... he doesn’t look like a Cap’m.

And speaking of Priss and Socks - They Are Not Pleased. Well, Socks is fascinated, but not quite sure. Priss is pretty sure, but she is willing to be have her mind changed so long as he keeps away from her tail. That will be hard because she has a real fox tail - thick and bushy and so chewable. Socks can’t stay away but she can’t stand to get close either and the worried expression on her face, the sniffing and mouthing and drooling all over his back is evidence of her dilemma. Priss gives him a little low growl but has so far neither snapped nor mouthed at him.

Well - they will adjust. Priss has always been just a little on the detached side and I hope this doesn’t really upset her. I could see her running away because of this addition to the pack, though I’m not expecting it. Socks, while sometimes the dominant dog with Priss, is actually much more submissive to us. We got her as a puppy and rescued her from abandonment and starvation to boot. She’s known want and feels whatever there is of dog gratitude, combined with attachment. Priss has lived rough and, also abandoned, raised her litter on her own before bringing them to our house to start her new life. She has a more ranging nature, a less obedient temperament. She will come in our direction if we call her but she won’t ever come to us. That’s why we never take her off the farm unless it’s for shots or medical care.

So the family expands. How will I ever go to work today? I can’t believe I’m supposed to care about summer reading club or whatever novel some local wants to read or ... those Baker and Taylor bills! Sheesh! Dear friends sent a casserole over yesterday - and since she’s a nurse she knew to make it low fat. Tomorrow we visit the heart dr. Since that is Weight Watcher’s night I’ll be glad to know BD has a good dinner waiting for him. And NO. I do not want him to go to WW with me. That is an important girl thing I do with B and BH. Besides, I know him well enough to know he’d actually be bored with it. In fact, when he felt faint yesterday I asked him if he’d like me to read to him about heart attacks (or even diabetes) from our home health encyclopedia he got that "Oh God No" look on his face. I just laughed and got him the dr.’s phone number. No. He can skip WW. We shall just let him benefit from my enthusiasm.

Sweet Little As Yet Nameless Puppy would like to go for a walk now (says she who really wants to watch him in the great outdoors). Be glad for us. From the ashes of yesterday we are rising up with such glorious feathers.

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