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Happy marvelous play-day/anniversary weekend to you!! I will be interested to see your forays into beading.

By Blogger Carolyn, at 8:39 AM  

Happy Anniversary! The right PUP is out there...
and will be Blessed to be part of your PACK!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:34 PM  

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Saturday, April 16, 2005  

Okay - My snit is over, for the time being. I can retreat into a general curmudgeonliness. I’m sorry others suffer with this same irritation, but I am glad I am not alone with it. At least I don’t feel quite so much like some crustacean lurking beneath a rock. And I will probably just fade on out of the KRF’s. For any of you who thought my secondary argument - that your commercial picks may not be something I necessarily want to embrace, was valid, have a look at this article in today’s NYT.

So. On to better things. Like reminiscing about judging the middle school forensics meet at the local private school. What could be cuter than 11 year olds, dead serious, trying to read with drama and passion but without movement? I’m always far more thankful to have been asked than the schools could possibly be that I said yes. Like sneaking back up to Mechanicsville and buying more beads even though I was driving the truck (which gets 10 miles to the gallon) and I was just there yesterday. Like a Saturday with nothing on the schedule but playing with toys. Like a Saturday when it isn’t raining. It’s cold, mind you, but it’s not raining. Seems as if spring wants to really make us earn its warmth. Evidently we haven’t fulfilled our side of the bargain yet - so at night we have to build a fire in the stove. The best the weather dot com guys promise is 70 tomorrow.

Today BD is off to the city again on business so I have this stretch of DayOff-edness all to myself. I plan to go to the gym first, check in at the WW meeting, buy a few grocery items and come home to my new beads and my old Blue Faced Leicester. Alas, the M-Sheryl was sick this week so I will give the floors a swipe with the vacuum cleaner too. But mostly I plan to play with toys.

Now - tomorrow is my wedding anniversary and it is a rare year when I have to wear a coat when we dine out. Usually the windows are open - usually the screens have even been put up. There have been years when we went swimming on our anniversary! 2002 comes to mind, and 1976, the year I was pregnant with LD. Always, though, we eat out. I don’t cook on birthdays or anniversaries - at least, not on mine or BD’s. Even if it’s McDonalds, so long as I didn’t cook it, it still counts as eating out. It will be the same this year.

But we are seriously considering another foray tomorrow. It just might be that we will go look for a brand new baby boy Labrador puppy.

It’s been 2 and a half years since Ike died and left us with broken hearts. We still miss him and actually we always will. We aren’t trying to replace Ike, or even Topsy, but we miss the Labrador personality, cavorting around the yard and leaping into our hearts. We miss having a dog who focuses so much on us; who wants so much to be in on whatever we are doing. We have had 4 Labradors and they’ve all been special. We have two wonderful dogs right now, dogs both interesting and endearing and I feel just a little bit guilty about wanting to add another to the pack. But there it is. I do want to and so does BD and an anniversary is a great time to go looking at puppies.

So tomorrow we’ll open up the classifieds and see what is out there. (I checked last weekend too, but I wasn’t quite yet ready to make the leap.) We are starting out looking for a black male, but we aren’t closed minded about it. The right pup is just as likely to pick us as we are to pick him. One way or the other, though, the Haile family is about to expand.

posted by Bess | 8:20 AM