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Whatever happens to strike my fancy, but surely some sort of fiber content.


Rant away.

I agree with you - I'm a cheapskate and use dialup at home, and can't generally access Knitter's Review there because of the loadtimes for the little pictures and stuff.

I tend to be a substance-over-style sort of girl anyway.

Perhaps someone should post a thread, or ask Clara to comment? Maybe we could make a request like "Hey, some of us still have dialup, and it takes really long with the pictures"

although I suspect we'd be called grouches or worse for asking for such a thing.

I don't know. I'm over cute. Cute gives me hives.

By Blogger fillyjonk, at 9:05 AM  

No, sweetie, they don't care. They're all about themselves. Perhaps something I've always said about people who are constantly quoting films, books, etc. is appropriate here, too:

Those who must constantly quote others clearly have never had an original thought of their own.

Three More Weeks! Three More Weeks!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:52 AM  

Ah. I see. Hmmm...well, we have our computer hooked up to cable -- which is very fast -- because we have a package deal with Shaw, our television/internet cable service. Cheaper than cable for the tv and dial-up for the computer, and faster too. But as for signature pictures on KR, I think I'd rather just read the content, and the name of the writer. I'm not interested in pictures -- unless they are those of work/WIPs etc. -- fiber content! I mean, does a little picture next to one's name on a post make it easier to remember who you are? Is that the point? I dunno...I'm with Erica. Substance over style. :-)

By Blogger Margaret, at 11:21 AM  

I don't mind the rant. I've been worried for a long time (since these things have popped up) that they are taking up precious time and bandwidth for clara.. but it sounds like perhaps not the bandwidth (from what clara said) but I think the thing that irks me.. is the need to be cute.. and you state it so well. I am not cute. I never have been. I don't ever want to be. there. i feel better.

the only time I ever put something that was a picture on KR was when I put that pic of the angora bunny being spun.. and I only put it up there for you. hee! But I never plan to make a habit of it. that is what my blog is for.

martha and I missed you last nite.

By Blogger purlewe, at 2:04 PM  

I'm with you. I don't mind on topic fiber photos. I don't even mind off-topic discussions (in their proper place) but the 5767807 little cartoons that get added are nuts!

It supposedly helps differentiate one "KnittinKitten" with another "KittenwhosKnittin" and another "SittingwithKnittin" and so on...

I've got dial up too, and it's no fun to wait and wait and discover you were waiting for a cartoon you didn't care to see to begin with!

Will we see more Things About You eventually? And the story of Pioneer Bess???

MD is TOO far away!

By Blogger Amie, at 2:08 PM  

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Friday, April 15, 2005  

It's a rant anyway

So. I just deleted an incoherent spluttering rant about the sudden crop of graphical signatures a group of people have started using in their Knitters Review Forum posts. It was beginning to sound like I was ... like my DNA was kicking in, and nobody here really needs to witness that. Suffice it to say, I wish people would stop adding these banal cartoons and little photos to their signatures. It slows down the loading of the forum so much I’m inclined to just quit reading the forums altogether. I really don’t have 10 minutes to wait, each time I try to bring up a post. I live at the end of a mile of dirt road, I have a Verizon rural phone system, an underground phone line so long it has to have a booster half way down, and dial up access.

Fer cryin' out loud - it’s a knitting forum - to talk about, learn from and share with others - our knitting, not the many sources we've found, for remote hosting of computer generated animation. Not even their computer generated animation - someone else's! Not their creative energy or clever programing - someone else's! Maybe not even another knitter! Don’t these people realize how much this slows down the loading of the real discussion of fiber? Do they care? Do they think their cute little sheep jumping over cute little fences made of cute little knitting needles make them cute? Let me know something about them? Make me like them more? Alas, I'm afraid in a Karmic sense - they only encourage rage from those of us who have to suffer the consequences of their attempt at cuteness. It’s becoming so irritating to me that I automatically put those folk, who insist upon making me look at their little running kitty or their sheepy knitter, into the the dismissable category, if not the despised.

So. I like cute. I even often lament that I haven’t added cute animated smiley faces to my blog. I am fairly computer literate and have the same access to these bit-hogs. I even sometimes have idle time on my hands. Yet I haven’t and I suspect two deep seeded impulses have so far restrained me. One is that I don’t really want to be known by my association with someone else’s logo. I don’t wear Coca-Cola t-shirts either. Heck, I don’t even wear Maryland Sheep and Wool t-shirts. The other is that I suspect I always knew that if I insist upon filling my life (and my KR posts and my blog) with gratuitous clutter, eventually it would be gratuitous altogether.

I’m glad to wait for your photo of your knitting or garden or pets or children or anything else that’s yours. If I came to your party I wanted to know you. But I don’t want to come to your party and spend it watching television.

Well. So. This has turned into a rant anyway. So. Well.


I guess I am just old. My character wasn’t formed by Cartoon Network.

What a sour bitch.

I’m glad it’s Friday. I’m glad I finished up the heavy work yesterday. I’m glad I got to celebrate D’s birthday with D&P&Friends last night at P’s restaurant. I am glad I got the Deluxe Thing-a-ma-jig at Ben Franklin’s yesterday.

posted by Bess | 7:09 AM