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I happen to have the book on the desk beside me - you need 2 23" I-cord handles. Personal taste, of course, but I always add a few inches so I can tuck a bag over my shoulder. I'm finishing a second Vintage Bubble Bag this weekend, I need to start I-cording too!

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disagreeable weather for MD Sheep and Wool? Oh, I hope not! There's nothing better than a snoring pup in the bed...SO glad your guy is doing well and feeling fine.

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Saturday, April 30, 2005  

For the first time since Sunday I’m at the computer without cutelittlebabypuppy. He has graduated to that blissful stage of sleeping through the night. This is because we have quit trying to keep him penned up in the downstairs bathroom (that died after the 4th night) and have done the unforgivable: he sleeps in the big bed now.

Funny how I would never, ever accept a human baby in the big bed. With LD I was always afraid I’d roll on him and crush him as per the King Solomon story. Talk about imprinting a child! That story horrified me much more for the idea that a person could roll on top of a baby and smother it without waking up first, than the quarrel between the two mothers that sprang up the next morning - or even the weird idea that two women and two babies would all be sleeping in the same bed. I also never invited LD, or any other child for that matter, to sleep with me. Come to think of it - none has ever asked.

But a puppy?

Ah. Well. That is a different matter. Different - and possibly disgusting to some - so I shan’t yammer on about it. Suffice it to say that we have long silent nights these days without the serenade of grief, loneliness and misery that is the wail of a newbabypuppy locked in the downstairs bathroom. And the newbabypuppy also has a name; Chesituxent’s Captain Jack. He also has a dozen or so nicknames: Gentleman Jack, Jumpback Jack, PeePeePooPooPuppy, Big Champion ....

He’s a big bold fellow. He’s not afraid of loud or sudden noises. He just looks, with fascination, at the vacuum - that monstrous weapon of death that has chased every dog I’ve ever owned out of the house. BD said he fell asleep beside the table saw yesterday. He’s already running ahead of us when we take him on walks and last night BD shot the gun off a few times and Jack just stood there between BD’s legs, waiting patiently. He’s also brining home trophy pine cones, so all his retriever instincts seem to be blossoming apace.

We’ve invited BH and her girls for dinner tonight, to introduce them to the newbabypuppy. I love to watch young kids and young dogs play. Priss and Socks are adjusting, with more or less fascination, to their fate. The day will come, though, when the great big man about the house will lead them all. Just the nature of those chromosomes.

Ooops - spoke too soon. I just heard the thump and grunt of puppy on the floor.

It is 6 days and counting till the Joy of Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival begins. The weather promises to be disappointing but it is impossible to not have fun when you are surrounded by fiber and friends. I’ll be leaving here on Friday morning and riding up to J’s mother’s house. We plan to hit Frederick by mid-afternoon where we will prowl around the old federal town, hunting out the Candy Kitchen - the retail outlet for a small family owned chocolate factory that sells chocolate to die for. Even I, of the most plebeian chocolate taste, know when I have sunk my teeth into perfection, and the 11 year old memory of those caramel filled chocolate bears can still make my mouth water.

I still can’t think of anything I really want to buy this time ‘round. I believe this year I’ll be urging others to spend instead. Fortunately C has extra $. What fun it will be to say "go on, who deserves it more?" I wonder if she’ll smack me if I add "than the secretary". Oh wicked Bess. For myself, the only image I can draw up from my pool of lust is TheQueen, standing in front of the wall at Liberty Ridge and plucking out handfuls of color to stuff into a bag. I have enough. I have all I want. I want only to savor the atmosphere and my friends companionship, this year.

This doesn’t mean I shan’t spend like a drunken sailor - but if I do I will be broke till September so I hope I show restraint.

Between now and then there are probably things I ought to do - but for the life of me, I can’t think of ‘em. We got a bill from the emergency room on Thursday. $10,875.59. That’s what it costs to spend 2 hours to save a life. Doesn’t sound too bad to me. But goodness - the pharmacy charged almost $8K of that. I wonder why it is so expensive. They have to be common enough drugs. Way too many people have heart attacks for this to be experimental stuff. I’d have expected the rent of the room or the staff salaries to be the big expense. Although I had remembered to call the insurance company and tell them to look for a bill from the local hospital, I had never told the hospital I had insurance. Sheesh. I am sure I’ve done a lot of other stupid things like that already and am likely to do a lot more. Eh. Well. The business office said they’d submit the paperwork. I will just wait and see what happens next.

And there are thank you notes to send. Lawsee - I really had better make a list. That has been the strangest part of this all - how fuzzy my mind has been when it has had to turn itself to ThingsMedical. BD is doing splendidly. He’s careful about both diet and physical effort. He is sometimes hungry but not ravenous. The 3 meals a day have really curbed his appetite. He’s accepting of some of the sad changes he’s had to make - like - no more 2 cups of tartar sauce on his fish. I suspect when he thinks about what he’s eating, he can find that greaseless food offers its own flavors that delight. And of course, I’m not serving him a fat free diet - just a monounsaturated fat diet. Lots of olive oil, lots of nuts - new tastes. Tonight, though - will be the big test: grilled lean hamburgers. I am thinking I may add a few bread crumbs to the meat to give it some tenderness. All in all, he’s a splendid delightful patient.

I am still grinding away on i-cord - well - mostly I’m thinking I ought to go grind away on it - and I believe I left the book at the library and now can’t remember how many inches of the stuff I need to knit. But by golly, I will finish it today, because I intend to felt the Spring Fling bag tomorrow - when the rain is supposed to stop. I hear little patter sounds of gentle rain already. We actually haven’t had much rain for the past 2 weeks and a good soak wouldn’t do us any harm. I got all my laundry done during the week so I wouldn’t mind if it rained all weekend - but we have been given the promise of sunshine tomorrow.

And with that weather forecast I am going to sign off. I have to work today - my bi-monthly Saturday. It’s a short day and an easy day because nobody will call. Life is good.

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