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Ooh, thanks for the house and garden/shower tour! (And I don't think you came off snotty sounding at all.)
Do you do crocheted steeks or do you use the sewing machine?

By Blogger Carolyn, at 8:31 AM  

I have done both, but this one was a crocheted steek. It was a worsted wt. yarn, though and a little baby sweater so I thought the facing was a bit thick.

By Blogger Bess, at 9:38 AM  

OK, I'm from a small Virginia town and your description of Laura Ann didn't sound snotty at all. I sounded sorta familiar and made me a little homesick for friends of my mother that gave me a shower or two when I got married! Jane

By Blogger jane, at 8:22 PM  

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005  

Alas, the baby sweater was given to the new mom, who is the wife of a cousin who was LD’s roommate in college, unphotographed. I’m sorry I didn’t take a picture because it was a cute design: A 10 stitch repeat with a little lace border and a wide rib repeated up to the top. It was a circular sweater with a steek, but if I do another I shall knit it flat. I didn’t like the facing behind the button band. Too bulky. In fact, it is a very cute design , though and I believe I’ll write it up and knit a sample.

The shower was very ... Laura Ann-ish. Laura Ann is our own local Martha Stewart type - with fresh Normandy butter for her crudités and everything small and fiddly, and enough money to pull it off. Laura Ann lives at Dunluce (named after the castle in Scotland) on Dunluce Road (named after the house, of course) and has a Garden and decorates in perfect replica of the old Victoria Magazine interiors. She is a daffodil judge for the Garden Club of VA and makes potpourri by the gallon. For 15 women she had concocted a dinner of about 35 different dishes. Complete recipes yielding 2-4 dozen of everything spread across glistening antique dining room furniture. 2 dozen little antique dishes, "the real things", scattered about the house, held candied almonds, candied ginger, candied fruit, and plain candy as well as little herbed tidbits. There was lemonade in antique glasses, coffee and tea in antique cups, and strawberry punch in silver punch cups. For desert there was strawberry angelfood cake with whipped cream frosting, as well as heart cookies and bunny cookies and chocolate fudge - all made by Laura Ann from her mother’s recipes. Laura Ann’s living room is dominated by a large grand piano and her garden room is all leaded windows. Laura Ann’s husband has an opinion about the living room - he hires a woman to "do" the windows and floors. He tells Laura Ann to stay outdoors when he is having the windows and floors done. His office is a building just off the front lawn. He went to visit Cousin John and took his dogs with him last night so they wouldn't jump up on the guests' pretty dresses. He is a Virginia Husband.

Dang. I sound so snotty about Laura Ann - when I really don't want to at all. You just can’t be snotty about her. You can be overwhelmed, bowled over, and stormed by Laura Ann - but whatever else she is - she is authentic. She is really a person of great value - perhaps a little like the more publicized Martha Stewart might be. You just get a whole lot of Laura Ann when you get any of her. After knowing her for 25 years, I am still unable to really explain how I feel about her, but within the big picture, she elicits more good responses from me than bad.

Since not a single one of my in-laws, neighbors, or local family ever reads this blog I don’t mind posting about Laura Ann here - though I may think better of it in a day or so, after more serious consideration. If so I will delete it. But I am always left feeling stirred whenever I visit Laura Ann. Today it’s just spilling out onto the screen.

Well - enough about that. There are, after all, other things in my life. Now that the baby sweater is completely off the needles I am going to turn my attention to the BFL yarn. I want to spin up the rest of the fiber - in different gauges, of course, and start doing some swatching for the socks. I believe I will concentrate on these socks exclusively, because there just might be time enough to finish them for the MSW contest.

My young teen lawn boy came yesterday and finished raking the yard - and perhaps of the garden, though it was too dark to see when I got home last night. But he promised to come back to finish the garden if he didn’t get it all done. With the garden cleared of leaves I can take shovel to earth and redefine the beds. LD promised me he would clear out the sassafras and acacia trees that have popped up in the beds. I didn’t get the roses pruned in February (goodness knows why) so I will just let them do their sorry floppy thing and cut them way back after the first blooms. Lilac ought to be in bloom soon. Let us hope my allergies will have abated enough to allow me to smell them.

As for the rest of my life - it is mundane, but precious, busy yet encompassable, filled with activities, but ripe with the promise with leisure up ahead. Truly - I ought not ever ask for more.

posted by Bess | 7:45 AM