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Monday, March 07, 2005  

Yesterday was a great fiber day. I did a little wheel spinning (at last) and a good bit of knitting. I'm nigh on to finished with the second sleeve and got a bit more knit on the body of Mountains of Hearts. It looks like there may be a little more solid color than I thought - though I will still have to do the shoulder bits in variegated - I am sure of it. The frustrating thing is that about 10 inches into the body I could tell I'd made it too wide. Not so much too wide that I couldn't wear it - it is, after all, a cardigan sweater - a little roominess is welcome. But it could have been narrower, giving whatever had been lost in width to the length. Ahh well. I ripped that lace out twice - I wasn't going to rip it out a third time. I will know better another time.

The spinning was a shock - I am SO out of practice. I had 2/3's of a bobbin full of lace weight natural blue (think cloudy grey sky just before a storm) mohair and I really don't want to begin another bobbin of something else. I'd made a control yarn so I knew what to aim for when I took up the wheel again. But oh la! It was so hard to match it. I spun and spun before my hands began to create that same yarn again. It was good, though, to get back to my wheel.

Tonight we will try again to start up the My First Sweater class - the one canceled by last Monday's snow. Today it should hit high 60's. That's Virginia in March. I am going to make a wee sweater along with the class but I found the coolest ruffle in Knitting on the Edge, by Nicky Epstein

that begins as a 3 X number of wanted stitches! Now, the EPS swetaer yokes also begin decreasing by thirds from 3 X number of wanted stitches. Is this cool? I have 3 baby sweaters to knit before summer. this makes a somewhat girlish looking design - but fortunately, the first baby to knit for is a known gender - a girl! Woo Woo. This is going to be fun.

Okay the bad news. I did NOTHING about my taxes this weekend. This is seriously bad. This is wickedly stupidly rottenly dangerously bad. I will take the folder with me today and ... stare at it at lunch.

Photos tomorrow.

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