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Thursday, March 10, 2005  

When is a half better than the whole?

When it is a half day off, of course. Which I get today because I worked till 8 yesterday. We had an adult ed class come for a tour during their evening session. I also had to finish and turn in a heavily justified, with graphs and charts, budget request by 4:30 - which I just managed to do. No slipping away for a long lunch when that sort of thing has to be done. I had actually forgotten all about the budget and only remembered it last Thursday. The library board has to ratify my requests to the county so it was a scramble getting all the meetings in on time. Well - I can blame it on TheWedding this year and maybe I'll do better next year.

I did very little knitting yesterday, though I finished up the second sleeve to the underarm. Then I got out my trusty calculator - it was, after all, a math day - and figured out the shaping for the underarms and shoulders. I have Ann Budd's Knitter's Handy Book of Sweater Patterns, which gives good directions for shoulder and sleeve cap shaping, so I think I have all the math figured out. I am thinking I have just a little bit more of the body to knit - perhaps 5 rows - and then I'll begin the shaping.

This is the first flat knit sweater I've done in years. 2000 was the last time I did a sewn sweater. Since then I've worked on mastering nice finishing techniques - one reason I decided to give this sweater a go. Sewing in the sleeve will be the most challenging part for me - for that's the part that can look so bad. Ahh well. I have confidence to prop me up and a great desire to have a finished sweater to lure me on.

But that is for tomorrow - at Tara - because today, when I get home early (after grocery shopping and a visit to the gym) I will DO TAXES.

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