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Thursday, March 17, 2005  

Well - I don't know why everybody else has been able to post to blogger for the past 24 hours and I haven't. Humph. Let me add that to the other things that have me feeling sorry for myself. And let me congratulate you that you didn't have to read yesterday's gloomy post.

My cyber twin, for different reasons, is taking her mental health day today, but I had to take mine on Tuesday. This was supposed to be such a super week for innovation and finding my own true path and I'm not getting there at all. My solution was to crawl into bed on Tuesday afternoon and sleep it away.

A super workout with TthePT helped too, pulling endorphins out of my pituitary glands (is that where they come from?) But I had better plan on getting one a day, at least, for the length of this bout with the blues.

And since blogger has been playing havoc with my posts for days now I will end here with the happy news that I'm knitting the second sleeve of the pretty baby sweater. I'll finish everything but the steeking by Tuesday, when we have our next class. Then I'll go back to MOH and finish that baby no matter how much yarn there is.

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