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Friday, March 11, 2005  

Well - I did at least work on the taxes. They aren't ready to turn over to the man, but ... they are further along.

We had the Darlings over for dinner yesterday and it was so wonderful. For the first time it really struck me - I don't have to send GD back! She doesn't belong to some other family, some other world, she's ours - she's mine! It was the sweetest feeling. We had a long evening of floating dreams in the safety and security of a PlaceWhereYouAreLovedAndWanted.

Alas - I set an enormous heavy box of books down on my finger yesterday and it pains me to type - so I shall be brief today. It was not a fiberly day but I am going to have a fiberly lunch Saturday with a KR Forumite - a first meet up at a nice lunch spot. If it doesn't snow too much!! And I have class again at Crack-0-Dawn, so I am off.

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