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Tuesday, March 01, 2005  

We had the sloppiest of days yesterday. By 9:30 there was a pretty slick coating of snow on everything except the road, which was merely wet. The temptation to stay home was great, but the knowledge that I had ThingsToDo was greater. An important conference call at 2 guaranteed that I would stay till 3 but I postponed the MFS class to next Monday. That was a sure fire way to get the temperature to stay well above freezing, but by 5 o’clock I was so tired I could barely drive home - and I was sound asleep by 9. I knit only one 51 stitch purl row on the second sleeve of the Mountains of Hearts sweater.

Tonight my beginner students will finish their hats. This is the class I always enjoy the most. This is the class when they come to believe they really can knit. They have been stitching away on the colorwork part - and so far every student (but one) I’ve had has been completely swept away by the beauty of stranded colorwork. They had always thought it was really difficult to do and now they find that they can do it. The neat thing about this is that instead of thinking the skill is not so impressive after all, they think they are the impressive ones. And they are. Watching someone come to see herself as special is one of the most rewarding experiences a teacher can have.

We’ll begin the decrease for the hat top - probably finish it up tonight and I will have them cast on something once again just to be sure they remember how to cast on. There is one last class, at which I will pretty much let them ask for what they want. I hope they will also start coming to the Tuesday Night Knitters.

In other knitting/teaching thoughts, I am considering some one day workshops on certain techniques. Pattern reading, for example, or seaming. These would be good classes to have under my belt and I think there are lots of knitters out there with a real Fear Of Seaming. (I used to be one myself) But beyond my own teaching opportunities, I am considering a monthly series at the library where fine artisans can come and give a talk-cum-demonstration of their craft. I have already scheduled a lecture/demo of Japanese Embroidery for April - which I know will fill up because I’ve had so many people ask for it after we displayed some beautiful work by one of our volunteers.

There are other interesting crafts/arts that might be fun to have displayed. We have a truly marvelous polymer clay artist living here in the county and some other really fine handiwork folk. This idea is still in the ‘thinking’ stage but I believe I shall put some of these thoughts on paper today.

But before I do another thing, I must go pull the tax crap together. Ugh. I must plan a suitable reward for doing that task. Ta.

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