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Happy, happy co-birthday Ed dear!

Love, your partner in birthday crime -


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:03 PM  

happidy birthday right back. you dear little rams

By Blogger Bess, at 9:41 PM  

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005  

Two days off, three days of almost not talking, has made some improving progress to my health. Eyes still burn and sinus .. well - if you live in Virginia, you have what is known as "Sinus" anyway. I just have a little more "Sinus" than I like, this week. I can at least talk - though after a while it really exhausts me. I have a story hour this morning but once the kiddies are gone I will sequester myself in the workroom and catalog books. That’s a wonderful way to be productive without thinking very hard.

I finished knitting the baby sweater yesterday, with only steek cutting and the button band left to do. I knit up one little bootie too, from this:

It’s a garter stitch bootie and I was reminded once again how much I like the look and texture of garter stitch in fine wool. I hate the slowness of it - and the boring quality of just knit knit knitting. I can’t imagine ever completing one of those Einstein jackets - ugh a whole body’s worth of garter stitch - but I do love the fabric.

The shower for this new baby isn’t till April 12 so I have time to do the last fiddly bits on the sweater. That means I really ought to get back to the Mountains of Hearts sweater. I believe I’m ready to anyway - I’ve gotten over the worst of the Fear - 0 - Running Out Of Yarn. It still niggles at me, but agonizing will not make the yarn grow longer while I sleep. There is nothing for it but to "grit my teeth and knit" as EZ says about the anxiety of ribbing.

What I don’t see myself doing is making anything specific for the Md. Sheep & Wool competition. I really want to finish the sweater before MS&W - I’d like to show it off to the Brooks Farm folk - but I could enter it - only - it has errors in it. ‘Course, it’s very pretty anyway so ... we shall see. Certainly that would be my only entry. Well - let us see how I progress with it.

Yesterday was the first real day of spring. Little leaves began unfurling on the wild plum and wild cherry trees. The yard looks green beneath the unraked leaves. The air was sweet and gentle, warm, but not hot. It’s almost April and the Yoshino cherry trees haven’t blossomed yet - they are usually in full blown cotton puffs by about the 20th of March. It’s been too cold and too rainy this spring, for much visible springtime. But I believe we have beaten winter at last.

Tomorrow is BD’s birthday. I will take the day off to spend it with him. This is an annual ritual - this day and our wedding anniversary in April. We will get in the car and ramble around the countryside - or maybe go to the city. He’d said he’d like to scrounge around the used book stores. I will be happy to cooperate with him.

But this year we have the added sweetness of TheDarlings, to help us celebrate. They’re coming over for dinner tonight. I will buy steaks but TheDarlings have picked up frozen custard from Karl’s and they baked a cake too! Not a bad way to begin a birthday celebration.

So - let us pray that the body will quickly finish with healing itself and with that, life will be just perfect.

posted by Bess | 6:59 AM