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Wednesday, March 02, 2005  

This morning is a crisp blue chilly one - with the promise of snow flurries tonight and tomorrow. Now, I don’t mind snow flurries, but I would rather have a gigantic heavy dump of a snow storm if it’s going to snow enough to snarl traffic anyway. March is making a truly leonine entrance, let us see how sheep-like is its exit. Makes me wonder what sort of summer we shall have.

Last night my students got started on the decreases at the tops of their hats. They had both finished all the color pattern work but one of them had knit every knit stitch into the back loop and twisted every stitch. It’s extremely pretty. It is also as inflexible as a board. I hadn’t the heart to tell her to rip it out. We shall just finish it up - although I wonder if she will be able to wear the thing. She has a very small head and I’d scaled back the pattern to fit her better - but with the whole thing knit in twisted stitch it is likely to be too small.

I explained to her what the problem was, though I didn’t tell her it would never fit her - because it still might - though it will have more the look of a Jackie O pillbox than a snug outdoor cap. Well - we shall have to wait and see.

But what she had done gave me a tremendous creative popping idea. Her tight stranded stitches had the look of very fine pettipoint. I thought of how beautiful that would be as a buttoning cuff treatment, with a bloused sleeve over it. Even a loose lace stitch over this stiff beautiful embroidery effect would work. I am itching to cast on and give it a try.

They are invited to next Tuesday Night Knitters group where I will help them finish off the hats if they don’t understand something in the directions and where they can meet other stick and string folk. I will give them one last class of refresher stuff, with cast on and bind off and how to knit stockinette stitch flat.

I’m still stitching away on the second sleeve of Mountains of Hearts. I also pulled out tax stuff yesterday morning. At least, I pulled out what I could find of it. I think one important piece is missing, though I know I can get a copy of it, if it ever existed. But bah humbug. And of course, BD will have to do a major pull-together himself. Well, we’re going to go over the game plan tonight but the goal is - everything at the accountant’s on Monday. Let us hope I do better with that goal than I did with my WW one, about which, the less said, the better.

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