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Heya Miss Bess! The boxwood bed sounds like a love idea. I hope you get those allergy meds soon.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005  

Thank you all for your kind comments. It’s funny what a lift comments on the blog give one. I’m glad to have been able to help others along the way - and look forward to doing it more.

I’m also running late this a.m. The result of these microscopic enemies attacking my body, and the counter attac, marshaled by over-the-counter mercenary soldiers, shoring up the home guard, make me drowsy and achy. It also makes my sleep different - more of a recreational activity or some sort of dramatic performance that I watch, instead of actually participate in. I drifted into semi-consciousness a dozen times last night and finally woke about an hour later than usual. Not pleasant, but not actually unpleasant - just rather weird.

And no, alas, I have not used a mask when I’m raking leaves - but it’s a very good idea and BD has an industrial strength one he uses when working on his boat. I believe I shall borrow it - although I am even more inclined to rake my yard with my checkbook - just pay someone else to do it. As for the garden - we shall just have to see. It needs a major overhaul anyway and I very much want to start a boxwood nursery bed.

A very very special man and his equally special wife used to propagate boxwoods around here. They both loved the library and made sure that some of their boxes were planted in both locations. He is gone now and she is in a home, completely lost to senility. I would like to make a bed of cuttings from their boxes and have some, not only for myself, but for other folk around here who would feel a warm fuzzy if they had some of the Little’s boxwoods.

My car is in the shop - it quit making groaning, whining noises as soon as AMan got behind the wheel. Little flirty b***h of a car. But BD is tired of the interior light not working and the steering needed fluid - even the LFB couldn’t disguise that moan. She is spiffy with her new windshield - so we have now spent $$$ on an ancient sedan without hubcaps - are we nuts or something? (Bess has new car lust)

But car in the shop means husband must drive wife to work - and since he is the King-O-The-Night, his QueenOfTheDawn has to nag to get him out of bed. Best be at it.
Perhaps some knitting content tomorrow.

posted by Bess | 7:49 AM