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I'm sorry to hear about your allergy woes. I did that for years when still living in Tennessee. Thanks for the encouragement about Phillip and Jessie's engagement. She really is a sweet thing.

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Thursday, March 24, 2005  

Oops. Well, can't even get the cool name program to work on my blog. I wish I had a banner like that, all graphical and cute and colorful, instead of my sober bankers colors. I even have a book on how to blog, though it’s a lot more about how to be cool with your blog and I believe I am already cool. (Oh how I need smug smilie faces here.) The combination of being lazy as sin and too much of a Virgo puritan to feel like spending that kind of time on a blog when I could be DoingSomethingProductiveAndUseful means that, until I can kidnap one of those geeky cool types, I will continue to have a sober looking blog.

Alas - I am not a whole lot better. Hooray - this is not a particularly bad allergy attack. On a scale of 1-10 it’s about a 5. I’m still trying to get hold of my dr., who must have had an AA himself, since his office was closed yesterday and won’t open up till 1 o’clock today. I plan to be camped by the front door so that I can wrest a prescription from his pen and scurry on down to the drugstore. The big question is "Do I go in this morning?" I know that if I get too tired there in the a.m. I’ll be coughing like a consumptive by lunchtime. I have a meeting in the p.m. that I really don’t want to miss (though I can miss it - I’m not that dedicated). If I thought I’d really sleep (Bess’ sure fire cure #2, directly after drink more water) the morning away I might stay home. But I am such a morning person that daytime sleeping is usually only possible - if irresistible - after noon.

Happily I did come home yesterday afternoon and did sleep for several hours. Not a stitch of knitting done, either. In fact, I was too dopey to be able to tell if I had reattached the sleeves on the baby sweater correctly or not. You know you are sick when you can’t divide 130 by 4 and subtract 3 from the answer. What I did do was re-ignite an ancient crush.

Eons ago I happened to walk through the den while Mama was watching the most unusual television show. The filmwork looked more like a soap opera but everyone was in costume. Turns out it was the BBC production of The First Churchills. I only saw the one episode. It must have come on some time when I was usually not at home, and this was in my youth, dearies; decades before home recording technology. 1969 probably or even 1970, when I would have actuallymoved out of the house. All I remember was how much I wished I could watch the rest of the series. Alas, I never did. And I never thought to look at the PBS/BBC catalogs either. Or perhaps they have only just brought the show out on Video 'n DVD. But the library owns it now and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

The cinematography shows it’s age. The more recent BBC offerings (and all other televised production, for that matter) have better color, better special effects, and better sound. But that same fabulous British theater training conquers all and makes it glow even 35 years later. The costumes are glorious and convincing, the story line is well written, and I still think Susan Hampshire looks like Shari Lewis. It’s such fun to feel like a teenager again and get a good story with great acting all at the same time.

I’m sorry to have so little fiber news this week - mostly because I am sorry to be doing so little fiber stuff. I keep thinking of things I might be doing but not picking anything up. We shall just have to wait till I’m feeling better. At least I am getting this sicky stuff out of the way before Md.S&W - which is only about 44 days away. And this weekend I will try again, to take the beading class that has been, for so long, put on hold. S can’t come with me, but GD has agreed to join me and put in a visit with the folks to boot. So the week will end with something sweet and begin with Chocolate. Who could ask for more?

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