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Wednesday, March 16, 2005  

Old habits die hard. They represent neural pathways that have been trodden so well that they have worn a deep rut in our brain. New resolutions require us to be constantly conscious. The minute we forget to pursue change, precedent starts to pursue us. Even so, you now have a rare and wonderful chance to attempt an important innovation. Keep reminding yourself that you want things to be different, and you'll find they really can be.

Hip! Hip! Go! Go! Go! You can do it girl.



Some cheers for the despondent up there. I am having the absolute dickens of a time pursuing the needed changes in my life. It’s as if an evil sticky web is clinging to my spirit, not just making me eat too much and fail to get into the serious discussions that need to take place, but depressing my normal ebullience. This low grade sadness/stress has comes with it’s own unwelcome side effect - menopausal temperature fluctuations. I had them all the time while I was working on TheWeddingDress until I reached that point where I knew it was going to work. Worry seems to really bring them on, and I’m having a nice rash of them this week.

Hmm. The taxes have been taken care of, so I ought to feel better, but I’m dont. And I’m eating like a mad thing - that "fill up the empty spaces" type of eating that just piles on flesh in the most un-summerish places. Eh. Nothing for it but to keep working on those changes.

Keep the Faith Babeeee.

So - on to something else.

Nobody who reads this is unaware that I like clothes. I like to read about fashion and to think about it. I like to understand how clothes are made. I like to examine the lines, textures and colors as much as I like to fantasize about how they’d look on me. I may not take up the latest and the newest, but at least I keep a finger on fashion trends. So this morning’s latest NYT spread is all about the "new" slim suits that are going to chase the full skirts off the streets and out of the offices. Hmmm. Okay. I am trying to remember when full skirts came into fashion here in the southern fringe of the east coast. The last time I saw full skirts in the work place (which is where most women are today) was in the high ‘80’s. Mind, now, I liked that look, but I don’t wear it now.

The trouble with fashion, of course, is that even if you like it - where do you get to wear it? I have to go to work, you know - I can’t slouch in with my sheepskin pea coat, Klondike hat, and chiffon pleated skirt. (And why is it that designers think that same old tweed-over-chiffon is "new"? Why do fashion reporters say it is? Wearing your boyfriend’s jacket is as old as ... as old as you are!) What I have seen so much of for the past 5 years, is a very unflattering, fairly slim, flat, ankle length skirt, pulled into the waist with elastic instead of darts.

Now, I admit, I live in a true fashion backwater, and I am also smack in the middle of middle age - if one accepts a definition of middle age as TheWorkingYears - but -AfterYouCanNoLongerWearPatternedTights. This very unstructured and very ugly look (think a tank top that extends to the floor, only, not knitted, but made of woven rayon - with a little jacket over top) has been the uniform du jour for so long I would almost even welcome a ‘60’s rehash just for the change. And you might remember the trouble I had last summer, trying to find a plain knee length skirt. Something I could wear to work. With a jacket or without. An entire mall was able to produce only 2 such garments.

But what made me chuckle about the article was the slide show they ran along side it. If I hadn't looked at the show I might have dispaired about what to wear next fall. Instead I found something that really does have a place in the normal woman's life. Does this look like a slim suit?

But for a bit of my past come back as style, here's this bit of knitted retro from 1973. I remember I had a hat just like that.

If I had that same youthful jaw line I’d probably have another.

Okay - enough fashion talk. Except for baby fashion - since I am knitting away on the baby sweater. Working on the sleeves. I’ll finish it all up except for the kitchner stitch at the underarms and doing the crocheted steek. I’ll save that part for my class next week. And then I really will have to turn my attention to Mountains of Lace. I’d like to have it finished before MdS&W.

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