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hi Bess-is the lunch Sat. or Sun.? Jane

By Blogger jane, at 6:01 PM  

hi Bess-is the lunch Sat. or Sun.? Jane

By Blogger jane, at 6:01 PM  

oops! Jane

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Monday, March 21, 2005  

“Nothing like a wedding to bring about a wedding.”

All the years I’ve been married to the Haile family I have heard this phrase. Hailes all love to trot it out whenever the discussion turns to marriages because Grandma’s best friend met her husband at Grandma’s wedding and my SIL’s best friend met her husband at Sil’s wedding. Haile crones would nod sagely and sit back with smug satisfaction, impervious to anyone’s effort to dissuade them. They spoke with such surety I thought it was an old cliché. A cursory search for the phrase didn’t turn up anything. I did find some interesting sites, though, and some interesting additions to my repertoire of the trite. How’s this one for when you’re in need of an extreme make-over?

I don't give a ****! Your the one who has to look at me!!

And how about clichés for when you are dead?

You see? I told you I was sick!

Well, I think they read more like Mad Magazine’s snappy come-backs, but I will take a chuckle whenever I can find one.

To get back to romance and weddings, though, it seems a very lovely romance was struck up at TheWedding between my west coast sister and an old family friend. They both visited yesterday afternoon and we had a grand time catching up on things. The day was pretty enough to take them on the short tour of the forest, down BD’s old paths. Mr. Bald Eagle bid us a good day. Mrs. BE is busy right now, in the nursery, but he gave us a mewling hello. He likes to perch on the big oak tree that stands guard at the bottom of my garden. He can keep an eye on the entire bay and pick up tasty morsels whenever something, usually a fish, gets careless.

TheDarlings joined us for dinner and brought wedding photos and WCSister and GD talked shop, since both of them are photographers, both for work and for play. WCSister has GD’s dream camera and much snapping was done. Someone managed to get an ugly picture of me and an interesting one. After a certain age, a woman ought always to be photographed looking slightly up. Otherwise the only thing that gets captured is a graphical demonstration of the theory of gravity.

We sisters talked long into the evening and it was sad to bid WCSister good-bye, though her extraordinarily courteous man said “stay as long as you like” and never once squirmed in anticipation of getting started on the 2 hour drive home. What made it easier to wave them off was the welcome fact that she will be back in about a month. This is good. I say no more.

I will add the happy news that spring really is creeping across the landscape. The most notable evidence is not visual, though. It’s the bird song coming in the windows every morning. It’s a sweet sound, mostly made up of cardinal tunes, but it includes some other chirpy notes. I raked out one garden bed, only 18 more to go. What sort of idiot would build a garden that big? Oh - yeah - me. I will be busy as a ... as an ant, for the next 6 weeks and I still don’t think I can get this garden in shape. It is in dire need of a rebuild. I doubt I’ll get the whole thing done this year, but I will do some rebuilding - and maybe do some next year and I suppose I can always abandon some to the forest. We shall just have to see.

As for fiber content - I knit a few rounds on the baby sweater and I tried my hand at wet felting. Like other seemingly easy looking things - it’s not. Not easy, that is. It is easy to stack your fibers unevenly and end up with thin spots or even holes. I will have to practice with this. Fortunately, I have boxes and boxes and boxes of roving and bats and fibers. I don’t have to spin them all.

So. Today is our first full day of spring; that time of rebirth, that time of light. Less t han a week till I can have Chocolate again.

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