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Bess, dear, here's a long-distance hug and hope that your throat improves! Tea&honey, tea&honey, tea&honey must be your mantra!

And aren't beading places great? I am learning to apply beads to my quilting, and having a ball finding just the right ones! We have a shop nearby called "Beads and Plenty More" (very apt!) and another in a funky older part of the city that I love to visit. My DD used to make wonderful bead earrings -- long, dangly things -- and she made beautiful necklace and earring sets for herself and her bridesmaids for her Big Day. Great fun!

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Sunday, March 27, 2005  

Just a quick update about Saturday’s splendid foray into the Land Of Beads. GD and I made a brief stop by my parents to show them wedding photos and then battled Saturday in the Suburbs traffic across town to Bangles and Beads, a delightful little cave of wonders on Cary Street. They offer a weekly 4 hour beginner class for a bargain price of $25, all materials included! You make two necklaces, a pair of earrings and a bracelet. The first project is a necklace using head pins and chain links to connect the beads. This one takes the longest and when you are done you have begun to get comfortable using the pliers and wire cutters. We were introduced to the clasps that conceal the knots in the strung necklace and since there was time at the end of the class the teacher showed us how to do wire wrapping to turn beads into links. The hardest part of it all is selecting the beads, since there are so many to choose from and they are all tempting.

There were only 3 students; after all, it was a holiday weekend. That probably made it easier for us to soak up the lessons. And afterwards, I couldn’t resist doing just a wee bit of shopping. I knew I had at least some of the pliers at home and didn’t want to buy duplicates, but I did pick up some delicious beads, some more wire and some other findings. Alas, once home I realize I don’t have any wire clippers, but they are easy enough to pick up - our local Walmart may even have them.


I see another serious stash enhancing activity infiltrating my life. And it was a sweet quiet time for talking with GD too - listening to her plans and ideas. It is just soooo wonderful to have a girl in my life.

We swung by B&N on the way home to pick up BD’s birthday gift, only to find that none of the frickin’ B&N’s in Richmond - the capital of Virginia - have a copy of Virginius Dabney’s History of Virginia. There is something really wrong in this picture. They can get it for me? When? Next year? Geezoflip.

Corporate megahemoth thinking is so stupid.

Well, he and I plan to stalk used book stores on Thursday and we may get lucky then. If not, I will just have to order it for him - but I believe I shall go the used book route just to spite B&N.


All that visiting, even though I tried not to talk, wrecked havock on my poor throat. I spent yesterday trying to be SILENT. (An impossibe, but worthy goal). I can croak out some conversation and did a wee bit at Easter supper with TheDarlings. But I know I have to stay home today and stay silent. Even if I hadn't planned 3 conversation requiring activities, I would talk at work. And talking is painful, my voice gets fainter and takes longer to recover, and eventually I begin to cough like a consumptive. I must sequester myself in the cave. (heh heh, with knitting needles and beads? who am I kidding?)

No - in all reality - I must stay silent at least one more day. This is a major bummer because M, who is KnitSSK on the forums and with whom I visited 2 saturdays ago, is coming by the library. We had planned to have lunch. I am so bummed about that. To add to my dissapointment, tonight was to have been the final class in the My First Sweater class. I will have to postpone that too. This really was to have been the most talkitive day I could imagine in the library. Sheesh.

Well. I am not going to risk getting actually worse, instead of better, by exposing me to conversations. Poor BD will have to make a thousand phone calls this morning.

There is nothing for it. We must hope for better things. Tomorrow.

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