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Whew, I finally got into the comment room to tell you I absolutely "LOVE" the MOH sweater! It is truly striking - yum!

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Wednesday, March 09, 2005  

It's March Mathness!

Thanks everyone for the kind words about M0H. I’m really enjoying knitting this baby and hope I’ll have it finished in about 2 weeks. Of course, somewhere in those 2 weeks I simply must get the taxes to the accountant. BD argues that I should just dump the stuff on his desk and let him figure out what else I need to give him. I say we pay for that and I can surely organize paperwork for someone else to compute according to the ever fluid tax laws. All the arguing gives me a good excuse to do nothing so that we’ll be end up dumping or worse yet - late! Ugh. This is just so stupid. (by now you should realize that I missed last week’s tax goal of getting the stuff to Les by Monday.)

Ha! well. it’s a dark time when I can go from thanking people for compliments on a pretty sweater to berating myself about slothful initiativelessness (oooooo - fun word, there). Look a bird. I am feeling horribly ENFP-ish this morning. Shall we flit?

Perhaps I ought to get off this machine before my entire range of idiocity is displayed.
What else is going on to make Bess weird? Ahh yes. Budget time at the library. Sheesh. I hadn’t realize just how much money looms in my life about this time every year. What a compilation of stresses. My county budget is due today at 5. We’re asking for 30 more staff hours this year and I have pulled together stats that show not only that we need them, but that we are - if not the best small rural library in Virginia - at least way up there near the top. Of course it’s all in how you count the numbers - or even if you count them. But we do have some good numbers to puff off.

Staffing dollars are always the hardest to get. Computers are always the easiest. But this year the county administrator brought up to my library board chairman the topic of staff and asked if we didn’t need more people working there? That awful sound you heard yesterday at about 11 o’clock was me shrieking because I have 5 years of letters written to him explaining why we need more staff. Of course, we ask, but the board of supervisors decides. Still - we shall ask.

I’m also crunching other numbers in other areas of my life and feeling the pressure to put them all in neat columns that add up to satisfaction down there along the bottom line. Even knitting is moving into the math arena. I am just about finished with the body-up-to-underarms of Mountains of Hearts. Perhaps 6 more rows and I will begin the bind off portion. I have some solid color left. I am willing to state that I don’t have enough. I shan’t know, of course, till I get there. This being the case, and noting that I’m not knitting this sweater all in one piece, I will have to work on the body some, then the sleeves, then the body, then the sleeves. I don’t believe I can knit on just one sleeve while I’m knitting up the solid because I have to be sure there is enough for both sleeves. I’ll be switching between 3 sets of needles every inch or so. There is about 10 inches, or 60 rows of knitting to do on each set.

So - 2 weeks? I hope. And then I guess I will need buttons. Hmmm. I want something really nice for this - pearly ones, or shell.

After that, though, I have some baby things to make. There are so many Haile babies coming into the world this spring and summer we will soon be able to take over. Bwa haa haaaaa. Not yet, a grandbaby, but lots of grandnieces and grand 4th cousins. I am in Virginia, after all - birthplace of the Jeff Foxworthy joke.

Okay - I am blithering now - I think I’ll go look at that income tax box. But in honor of the math season, I thought I’d bring back a favorite old cartoon.


If Bess gets 5 stitches to the inch and
She has a 24" circular needle and
She is subscribed to 4 knitting magazines
How many hours will it take to explain the 10 balls of cashmere on the VISA bill?

posted by Bess | 7:28 AM