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Thursday, March 03, 2005  

It’s the beginning of the month again and I have lots of early morning meetings. Not much time to write today, or tomorrow, btw - but then - not much to write about either. We’re still diddling around with tax junk - a great way to depress an evening. And then we watched the horror spoof Sleepy Hollow. I am beginning to see something I like in Johnny Depp, who has been an actor I have disliked looking at for years. I’m seeing subtlety there I hadn’t noticed before. I still find Caribbean Pirates (or whatever) creepy, but I won’t automatically reject a movie because he’s the star anymore.

Knit a little on the Mountains of Hearts sweater - I’m about to switch to the solid color on the second sleeve. It’s calling for rain this Saturday and I believe I will pop in all my spinning videos and knit that sweater all day.

Woke up with that dratted dizziness of last fall again. In fact, last night BD noticed something funny in the way I was moving and asked if the dizziness was back. I didn’t think so, but this morning when I rolled over ---ugh--- So, I am back on the AlegraD. This does not bode well for gardening. I believe it will be a boxwood garden after all. ah well. This is not the sort of thing one fights - this is what one adapts to.

Okay - off for the first a.m. appointment.

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