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Sunday, March 06, 2005  

It turns out I didn’t go with BD today - and I am glad to have a glorious day at home ALONE with my toys. The bed’s already made, the laundry is in the machine, I’m dressed for a long hike out to the 3 mile point and there is film in the camera bag. On this sunshiny day I will photograph the pieces of Mountains of Hearts and maybe some other things in my Land-0-Fiber. Thanks to the wonders of WalMart 1 hour photo they can be posted on Tuesday. How lucky for you.

Yesterday’s trip to the city with BH&Girls was to watch a cute little musical about Laura Ingalls Wilder, Patchwork, written and performed by the theatrical folk of Richmond, VA. There is a nice little theater world over there and I really would like to partake of it more often. Alas, that hour and a half drive, one way, can daunt the most literary of us, so I don’t follow my inclinations as often as I’d like. It makes the times when I do all the more sweet. Laura was the pivotal writer of my youth - one who’s voice can pull be back still, nigh on to 50 years later. I was such a slow learner back in those baby boomer 1950’s that, had I been born a generation later, I’d have been put in an LD class. I still struggle with typeface and reading, in fact, some of my difficulties have come back to me as my eyes have aged, so when I finally did learn to read, that first book, Little House in the Big Woods, was the perfect soul mate to my inner country girl.

After the play and lunch, we went to a very well stocked Ben Franklin and bought fabulous crafty stuff; yarn, a second set of bamboo double points for me, and oh, some other goodies. I am staggered by the plethora of fabulous craft supplies out there. Thank you computers and laser tools. There were abfab sticker books on sale for 99 cents and I picked up half a dozen of them for the library Story Hour. Wow - how the yarn selection has changed in the past few years. I used to be grateful if I could find wool anywhere outside a real yarn store. If only someone would start carrying plain colored sock yarn my cup would be full. I like multicolored sock yarn, but I really love my own stripes much more than the yarn companies’.

It snowed a slushy snow all day, melting on the warm ground before anything could build up, but pretty coming down. I was home by 2:30 and sipping a rare mid-day cup of coffee and knitting by the front window by 3 p.m. Since I was pretty far along with M0H's second sleeve, I decided to block the first sleeve to see if it was long enough. You can’t tell with lace, till it’s blocked. Oh how much I love blocking. And how beautiful this sleeve is, all plump and flat and smooth. It is long enough - 7 repeats of the heart eyelet (6 rows of knitting) takes it right up to the point of shaping the upper arm and sleeve cap. I’ll finish the second sleeve to that point and knit some more on the body. I will put at least one more repeat of the heart eyelettes on the body and see how the yarn is holding out. I’ve already accepted that I’ll need to do the top of the shoulders with the variegated yarn and I’m even rather excited at the thought of putting this self scalloping design back into the sweater near the shoulders. I’m very curious to see what sort of effect it will have on the sweater. I’ll put in one repeat of the "Mountain" lace and then switch to stockinette for the very tops of sleeve caps and shoulders. If I don’t like it - I haven’t any idea what I’ll do with this sweater. I’ll think about it then - at Tara.

Right now I’m off to hang up laundry and take a walk with the pups.

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