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Monday, March 14, 2005  

I finally got 12 hours of sleep in one blissful stretch of time. I’ve been running short on sleep for about 10 days now and it was beginning to show. I started out on the floor by the stove (with the dogs), then, like Dagwood, I moved on upstairs to the bed. Sweet, sweet BD tucked me in, read me a bedtime story and then left me in the arms of morpheus, who restored all the good humor exhaustion had thrust out of my normally sunny disposition. Now I am fit to live with again.

And I am done with my taxes. At least, as done as I can be. It’s all up to the professionals now. The only task left will be to write the check.

Left on the great Table Of Life Clutter To Clean Up:

  • A new personal finance plan (quit spending so much $$ gal)

  • Lose that dreadful 10 lbs that sit on me so unbecomingly

  • Do something with the garden.

Hmmm. Two out of three ... I’m still in a parallel universe with Catherine, I see.

I think - if I can get a handle on those three, I can let the stash go. Of course, the finance plan means not adding to the stash, but I shan’t beat myself up any more for having a large one. It’s not obscenely large - just very very very very very large.

On the Fiber Front

I made a big swatch with the dyed superwash merino (I’ll post a scan of it when I get to work), did some numbers, then cast on for the first of the Baby Gifts. I like how it’s looking very much. I’m actually making a 12 month size sweater because I want this baby to get to actually wear the thing and she’s going to have to make it through a Virginia summer before she can. She’ll be nearly 5 months old by then. Baby things are fun. I could really get used to this.

And I had a good laugh with GD about what we’ll want for OUR baby when OUR baby comes. I promised her that I will do the hand washing for her so we can use that high end yarn. WE intend to raise a PRINCESS BABY. And she didn’t bat an eye about me staking any claims on future Wee Darlings - in fact, she fell right in with the half-jokes.

Tonight I have the 2nd MyFirstSweater class - we’ll put those sleeves on and talk about ways of decreasing the yoke. I hope we’ll have time to teach them the crocheted steek and turn the little sweaters into cardigans, but if not we’ll get to that next week, along with different edge treatments. Next week we’ll go into making human sized versions of this design and adding individual creative details. The last week will be to design real sweaters for each student.

Tomorrow is the last beginner class, where we will just do some refresher stuff, making a little pouch to practice casting on and binding off. How sweet to have added 2 new knitters to the fold.

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