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I've been writing my posts in Word and then copying them into Blogger. Too many lost for me, too, and really irritating ... :-)

Have a wonderful splendiferous (I love that word) weekend!

Hugs, Jen

By Blogger Jennifer, at 4:35 PM  

What a sweet Girlie Girl! Of course, my DD takes the cake as the Princess! LOL!


By Blogger Margaret, at 8:51 PM  

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Friday, March 18, 2005  

Give me an F! Give me an R! Give me an IDAY!

There must be some special alignment of the planets going on. I know so many people who are suffering from job burnout/ennui/boredom/frustration and the accompanying longing to be on balmy beaches with someone else doing the scutt work and lots of beautiful yarn on the needles.

So - if I must make my way through this slough of despond, then I shall just do so.

But oh I am so glad for the weekend.

Doubly glad since it is my little goddaughter’s birthday party weekend. We have long since agreed on the preferred birthday and Christmas gift - This is a girlie girl of extreme proportions. She looks like a miniature Nicole Kidman with curly hair. This is the flower girl who wants to wear her FG dress to school. No T-ball for her, she is all ballerina. She gets porcelain dolls for both big festivals and they are to be of the frilliest. No clown dolls for her, we want princesses please.

Since the magnificent Sheryl has taken care of the dirty work in my house I have only laundry to do. How fortunate there is the promise of sunshine. The rest of my time will be divided between gardening and knitting. I am also just barely thinking about some spinning with beads. But I am on a deadline with this baby sweater. I’ll attach the sleeves today but I am trying to figure out a right slanting decrease that lets the purl stitch gobble up a knit stitch lying to its right. I may have to take home all the how to knit books in the library and pour over decreases. Yes - I think a right slanting decrease in reverse st. st. might be how it would be listed. It doesn’t really matter that the “gobbled” stitch is a knit stitch, what matters is how to make a right slanting decrease on purls.

I’m still a little leery about trusting a lengthy discourse to Blogger. I’ve had too many posts disappear, only to show up doubled or tripled the next day. I’ll just end with this happy thought - There are only 11 days left of my Chocolatelessness! The Sunday after next I plan to indulge!!

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