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Ha! You should see the TV ads Kirstie Alley is doing for her show ... man, she looks HUGE. Not that that in itself is a bad thing, she's dancing around in a sexy red dress ... but for some reason these ads are sort of turning me off.

Can't wait to see the sweater! It was so beautiful when I saw it last month in its early stages ... can't wait to see if finished!

Love, Jen

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Catherine has started a basic feather and fan shawl from her Shimmer. More about what I think of it on the blog, maybe even a picture (of about an inch and a half of whatever) tomorrow. As for Fat Actress - I can't tell. It could be brilliant, it could be a dog. There certainly is comedy to be mined in the subject of being Over 40 and Far from Anorexic in Hollywood, with good writers it could be fun. But I will probably forget to watch it anyway.

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Saturday, March 05, 2005  

Another short morning today - with not much to say anyway. I’m off to Richmond with BH, as I mentioned yesterday. Should be back in the late afternoon. BD must go to Maryland tomorrow and invited me along. He’s aswamped with Jamestown 2007 activities, of which this trip would be one. My first thought was "yes! 6 hours in a car to knit!" but I am having second thoughts about going 12 days without a nesting day at home and think I’ll back out of it.

I have begun the eyelet portion of the second sleeve on Mountains of Hearts. Every morning, when I make these posts and mention the M0H sweater I tell myself to buy some film during the day - and every day I have forgotten. Perhaps I shan’t today. I really do need a digital camera. Fortunately, courtesy of my job, I will be taking a class on digital cameras and their use next month. Maybe then I’ll give in to the urge to purchase.
Or maybe I will be paying off Uncle Sam.

Humph. No need to talk about that - back to M0H. I really do like this garment. I like knitting with this yarn. I like the silky way it slides across my fingers. I love the colors. I hope I haven’t made the body too wide - but it is, after all, a cardigan. It doesn’t have to be tight. If I am really really happy with it - I’ll contact Brooks Farm and see if they have a close match to the solid color and make a shell to wear beneath it. I am not a big one for sweater twin sets. I’ve been too fat for too long to add the bulk of two sweaters to my body. But this yarn is silky and lovely and ... just begs to become a sweater twin set.

Speaking of being too fat, though ...

I was very curious about how Fat Actress is going to play out. I haven’t had a TV for fortylevendy hundred years, or since 1975, which ever is closer. I never saw Christie Alley when she was on Cheers. She was always just a grocery store tabloid victim to me. In fact, if I go too long without visiting mom or some other place where I can see what particular brand of thinness is being presented in nighttime television I will lose all concept of what is a desirable silhouette. I know what I like to look like and I know how most of my rural contemporaries look, but what is "in style" is pretty much off my radar.

I did, though, just read the NYT interview with her, and was really turned off by Ms. Alley’s statement:
"I think dirty actors are just funnier," Ms. Alley said in the interview. "I just really think that's where four-letter words shine, in comedy. We say anything we want."

Hmmmm. I really do love a good laugh. I’m not particularly prudish. I admire the boldness of bringing up body issues via comedy or pretty nearly any other media or medium. I confess, I can even laugh at slapstick, and the women slapstick artists are often the funniest to me. But I am very repulsed by gratuitous foul language. It’s not funny. It’s embarrassing. It’s gross - like verbal vomit. It’s what would keep me from taking my 13 year old nieces to see a movie that otherwise deserves attention.

Mind now, I swear too. There are times when a good shocking cuss word is absolutely the best choice possible. But stream of cussedness talk only deadens my ears, waters down the impact of the words, and ultimately makes me wander off. I may still set up the recorder at the library to tape the show so I can see the first episode - but - I might not, and probably wouldn’t miss too much. We’ll have to see. But durn. What a disappointment.

So - it’s off to Richmond for me. The new yarn shop is not open yet - probably a good thing. I really don’t have the disposable income and I do have a mountain of stash. I am wondering, though, what Catherine decides to do with her Shimmer. I am thinking lace stole for mine.

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