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MOH is looking fabulous!!!

Just thought I'd leave you a note ~ cannot WAIT to see you!! 53 days to MD!!



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Sunday, March 13, 2005  

Ahh Margaret - that is some outfit, isn’t it? Still, I rather liked the idea of seeing myself as dramatic and ... what was it? exotic? I suppose in rural tidewater VA I am a bit of a bird of paradise. Nice to be able to pull that off in a sweater set.

And Jane - I got the email about the shop opening. Please let me know what you think. The location certainly is sweet for me.

But though I couldn’t be at the newest LYS within a 50 mile radius, I did get to make a fiber connection. M, from the Knitters Review Forum ,was down for the weekend and we met face2face for the first time across the river in the little town of Warsaw. Both Tappahannock and Warsaw lay claim to being the site of the Rappahannock Indian town of Toppohannock, though BD, my expert on this, says that towns for the indigenous peoples were different from European villages. The river and it’s marshy fringe was both highway and farmland for them, full as they were, of turtles, fish, muskrats and mallows. Towns often straddled the river as if it were a main street. For the European settlers, though the river was certainly a highway, it was also a barrier that, though spanned now by a modern bridge, still separates the two land masses on it’s flanks. I never shop for groceries in Warsaw, though it is only 3 miles further than the grocery stores in town with none of the traffic congestion or bullying semis smashing their way through a colonial side street, as we have in Tappahannock. I know it’s that river barrier that keeps me on my side.

What will get me over the river are the things I can’t get on my side; my WW meetings, the wheelchair rental place, the community college, and the nice little wine and cheese shop, where I met up with M, for lunch and a long get-to-know-you chat. What fun to talk yarn with a fellow enthusiast.

And that was only one of the really sweet happy things to fill up a Saturday. Earlier in the a.m. I’d pawed through my stash and unearthed 1,000 yards of undyed Kona Superwash! Just the thing for brand new baby gifts! It looks like a sport weight but I’ll have to knit with it to be sure. I’ll start out with size 3 needles. It was in two enormous hanks and I plopped one of them in the dye vat, to soak in a synthropol mix till the afternoon. Since I know the first baby-shower baby will be a girl I had Easter egg colors on the brain and I dyed this yarn up in a blotchy speckle of green, pink, yellow and purple, leaving lots of white spaces. It is always difficult to tell how things will turn out, but this certainly looks spring-like and girlish. I wish there had been a little less green and a little more purple - but it’s still cute and I’ve got it on the swift right now - ready to be wound and cast on. Photos will come the end of the week.

The evening was a gourmet treat, because it was the annual Wild Game Dinner sponsored by the local Hunters for the Hungry chapter. Held at TheWedding church, shepherded by our favorite minister, and prepared by the MenOfTheChurch - it was a taste adventure. P&D came down from Richmond - it was the first time I’d gotten together with P since the wedding - and TheDarlings came, so we formed this happy family group within the greater clan. I must confess - I am relishing my role as matriarch, with that proprietary gleam spreading across my face as I gaze at my darlings, free to fly independent, and choosing to share it with us. I get all the mother fun love stuff but I’m long done with the parental disciplinary chores. They’re all grown up just fine, thank you, but isn’t it nice that I get to watch?

Afterwards we all gathered round the stove for cups of illicit night time coffee and poured over the glorious wedding photos again. Happily the photos are available for viewing on-line and just in case you wanted to have a look here’s what you do:

1. Go to (Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher recommended).
2. Type Bride’s Last Name (Stokes) or Groom’s Last Name (Haile)
3. Click on the Bride’s & Groom’s names.
4. Fill out the information on the New User's Page and click Register.
in the Search for an event window.

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