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Sunday, February 20, 2005  

Yow! You’d think, after last weekend, I’d remember that other harbinger of spring - skunk! Yep, that dainty little lady, Priss, has tangled again with one of the dark raiders. This time the hit was so close to home the odor woke me with a sinus aching forehead in the middle of the night. Dang. And what is it with this fascination for skunks? I always thought the bad odor was supposed to warn off enemies. With my dogs it only seems to intrigue them more. I remember reading in an outstanding book about relationships (who’s title escapes me, dangit all) that when someone gets out of a bad/broken/dead relationship, the very next one she gets into will be with the same type of person. It’s as if she can’t believe she was so wrong and has to try it again, so she hunts out the same situation to try to get it right this time. I believe Priss must be doing the same thing, lying awake at night, thinking “that smell couldn’t have been that bad.” So when she hears a rustling in the bushes, she just has to try it again.

Whatever the prompting, though, she is banished from the house for the rest of this weekend. Phew!

We headed off to Richmond yesterday to pick up the stereo system. BD found someone who repairs electronics - mostly audio systems and televisions. Turns out ours only needed cleaning, but WOW what a difference that made! Neither of us can remember this system sounding so good, even when it was new. BD stayed up to the wee hours rediscovering all the grand music we own on CD’s.

I, of course, knit away on the lace cardigan. I’m into the solid color now. The alternating rows of solid and variegated yarn in the last pattern repeat was very effective. Then I knit a few little eyelet patterns in a swatch at one end of the sweater to see what I wanted and settled on a 16 row repeat with a 3 hole eyelet that looks like a heart, alternately spaced every 10 stitches. Since the more elaborate lace pattern knit in the variegated yarn looks like mountain peaks I am thinking of calling this sweater Mountains of Hearts or Hearts over the Mountains or something like that. I am reeeeeeeealy enjoying this project. I have about 10 inches of body done. I think I shall knit 13 inches and then some short rows on either end (It’s being knit back and forth in a continuous piece, splitting for shoulders). I’ll close up the shoulder seams and knit the sleeves in the round (I think). It will be fully fashioned, with short row sleeve caps, not with squared off sleeves. This type of design and this particular yarn just cries out for a tailored look. Besides, I like that sort of shoulder the best.

The sky is white outside - and the air is chilly - the promise is for rain tonight and all day tomorrow. Just the thing for sitting by the fire and knitting. While I know spring is on its way, I know it isn’t here yet. Not even any daffodils have opened up, though one just by Topsy’s grave is about to pop.

And that’s about all the opining and news I have left. Off to knit!

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