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Stats, schmats! I just like to read what you write. :-)

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Thursday, February 17, 2005  

Well! Stats wrong? I’m shocked. Imagine a computer gathering information and then crunching the numbers incorrectly. Who would think of such a thing!

Thank you for the encouragement dearlings. And I’m not really upset about the stat numbers. I mostly keep this blog for myself and as a sort of running Christmas Letter for people to keep up with whatever is going on in the castle. And at least this stat counter let me block my own views so that every time I fiddle with the thing it doesn’t count as another hit.

I’m still struggling with effectiveness. My own effectiveness, that is. Trying to make myself spend my work hours on priority issues instead of fiddly things that look busy even if they are both delagate-able and really, put-off-able. I did cross 2 important issues off my list, but sheesh - what in the heck took up the rest of the afternoon?

Oh, yeah. Well. Yes. I took an extra long lunch break to work out with TthePT on upper body stuff. Now, I first started going to her because my arms had gotten saggy after the weight loss. I went to her for arm work and she, after appropriate tsking, convinced me that the whole body had to be worked on if I wanted to see real results. I was convinced. In fact, I found lower body much easier to do than upper - especially arm work, which was what I needed the most and disliked the most too. So - those are the exercises I am always glad to skip, put off, do another day, and am too tired to think about most days. So, that’s what we worked on yesterday. We ran way over the hour I’d allotted for this, but we covered everything.

Part of the problem is that, not only is my entire left side a lot weaker than my right, but also, my left arm has an ancient stress injury, the result of 15 years of playing violin for 3+ hours a day. When I curl my left arm up, something inside pops. If it happens once it’s okay, but if it happens two or three times more, my arm begins to hurt. It’s not a bone thing. It’s in the middle of the bicep and it is probably a tendon, who knows...? but it is a serious enough issue that when I’m working out I can tell myself that today is not a good day for upper body, that I don’t have time, that I don’t really want to do arm work today. Not good. This time she held my arm while I did a full curl and she suddenly felt the pop. And completely tailored the workout to exercise around it.

We spent almost 2 hours together yesterday - working, figuring, deciding, fine tuning things. La! What a glorious 2 hours that was. And how happy I was the rest of the day. I tend to forget that a serious workout that includes deep muscle weight training can lift my mood to a level of calm happiness that lasts for hours and hours. I completely understand how people become body builders - and it’s not about ego and a weird desire to look like HeMan dolls. It’s because the high is so soaring and rich and fantastic. It’s the mental thing that is so addictive.

I came home feeling really great and coddled BD, who has a fever. Both of us are pretty healthy but when we have to be sick, we both prefer a fever with no other symptoms. It means sleeping all day but not being all that uncomfortable. It means food still tastes pretty good and chests don’t ache with burning misery. It has been so warm this week that we let the fire go out a few days ago, but last night the weather changed and I built it back up again. And after dinner I sat by that fire and finished up the Wool of the Andes tam. It’s drying on a dinner plate (because I lost the wheel BD made me! Argh! Buried in my studio-less stash). I’ll photograph it today or tomorrow and post. That means I am back on the lace cardigan with a vengeance. Might as well photograph that at the same time.

So - something to look forward to.

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