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Saturday, February 26, 2005  

We get, though, a right angle between Mars and Jupiter once every couple of years. There's one this week. Expect action, adventure and drama.

Hmmmm. That’s not what I would choose for any given week, but I have no other choices so....

Obviously I was getting mighty bored yesterday. I don’t usually play with my blog when I’m at work, unless it’s after hours. That T1 line does make a difference, but I have a powerful streak of guilt dominated work ethic. My only defense is that it was almost closing time. That, and the fact that this whole month has felt so weird, I am glad to think it’s almost over. My attention span has been all over the map - focused one day, scattered the next. I’ve had days when I have stayed on the WW program with pleasure and satisfaction and other days when the licorice jelly beans leaped down my throat by the handful. I completed most of the body and most of a sleeve of the Mountain of Hearts sweater and now I’m obsessing on not having enough yarn - which is a guarantee that I will stop knitting on it. Rats. Ah well. Perhaps if I get done with the income taxes I will feel a little less fractured. And I am broke again which drives me absolutely bonkers.

Well, by broke, I don’t mean we can’t pay the bills or buy food. It means I don’t have any play money. And I want to spend. And I just can’t. So I had best just suck it up. And it’s not as if I can’t/won’t/haven’t any play money to spend on pleasing me. I’m taking My First Beading Class tomorrow - about which I am duly excited. I drive off to the city with S, who is the birthday girl, and will treat her to a fabulous lunch, after which we shall stroll on down Cary Street

and peek in at the shops and then go to the bead shop and become bead artists. I’ll be leaving BD with some sailing buddies, so I don’t have to worry about happy attitudes when I get home, either. In fact, writing about this reminds me that I’m not all that broke.

But the other broke feeling has to do with time. Free time. Vacation time. Play time. Because we’ve been so short staffed all the years I’ve worked at the library, I’ve never used up all my leave. Each July I usually have at least half of it left in reserve, and the feeling that I “own some extra time” has made me feel so rich. A time savings account. I’ve been here long enough that I earn 4 weeks vacation a year with 12 holidays thrown in to boot. That’s 6+ weeks off throughout the year. Begins to have that European sound to it.

When we went to England I used up a big chunk of time, but I began right away to accumulate a reserve. I wasn’t exactly flush with available time off, but I wasn’t in short supply, till TheWeddingShopping took off in earnest in November. I was taking a day off a week, but earning only 1.6 a month. You do the math. By January I had 0 vacation days left. Of course, there are those 12 holidays, but the stretch between “President’s Day” and Memorial Day is a looooong one and I’m just at the beginning of it.

Hmmm. Perhaps that’s why I’m eating so much these days - If I can’t have a store of time or money by golly I’ll have a nice store of fat. Now ain’t that stupid!

Where is zat Fraaaaainch Boook? I need an attitude adjustment.

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