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Sorry to hear about the bead class. That is a bummer! I've done that sort of thing, too, and it is always so irksome!

On another note, my Tupperyarn party went well, and I made enough to send in my $$ for MAFA ... though I really should save it to put towards the new transmission, I don't think I will. Shame on me ... I REALLY want my car back badly, but not badly enough to hold off my MAFA application!

Hugs to you! Jen

By Blogger Jennifer, at 9:11 AM  


I just tagged you with a Music Meme on my blog :-)

Also ... maybe my worst time mistake will make you feel a tad better ~ Brett and I were a full hour early to a client's house for a party. Argh. Talk about embarrassing!!

Hope you're having a nice snow day!

xxoo Jen

By Blogger Jennifer, at 10:29 AM  

So sorry to hear about missing your class -- I did that once with a 1-hour demo. Thought it ran from 11 a.m. to 12 noon; arrived at 10:45 to discover it ran from 10 to 11 (sigh). Somehow, it put a damper on the day (is that a Virgo thing?) Still, glad you found a way to redeem your time and have a Happy Birthday lunch! Hugs!

By Blogger Margaret, at 10:42 AM  

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Monday, February 28, 2005  

Some days I am stupid. Some days I am really stupid. Some days I am stupid beyond belief. I was Really Stupid two weeks ago when I registered S and self for the beading class. I am absolutely positive the gal said the class ran from 2 to 4. Turns out, that certainly you will be in class at 2 and at 4 because it begins at 12:30 and runs to 4:30. So we made the 100 mile trip, not quite for nothing, because we did have a pleasant birthday lunch, but for much less pleasure than we had anticipated.

I am reeeeeeally disappointed because I want want want to learn how to bead and when I saw what people were doing I knew it was all the stuff I want someone to teach me how to do. Salivating and begging to be fit into the class one hour late (because of course, we had gotten there at 1:30 to be sure we were on time)I had to accept defeat. Alas - it was really too crowded anyway, evidently they let in some late comers. But by golly - I’m still having a hard time not being grumpy about things. Since I had pre-paid, I would have been even more grumpy and probably more insistant, but they let us reschedule for April.

S, on the other hand, is still laughing and has threatened to spread a description of my menopausal memory all over town. Since I am not the sort to be embarrassed by stupidity - only by shameful behavior - I can let her have her fun with this. But dang. And rats. & crumbs.

And just to be sure I keep my list of pleasurable experiences at a nice low level, there is a winter storm creeping into the area, today and tonight - when I was supposed to hold the first session of the My First Sweater class. Sleet and rain, sleet and snow, then rain then sleet and rain then snow again - that’s what’s promised. There’s a film of slush on everything right now. Bummer. I can postpone the class if I must - and I shall, but I’ll wait till later in the afternoon before deciding.

This class is important on several fronts. I need to brush up my skills in teaching it - and these knitters are all ready to go to this next step and I need the $ because I am going to MAFA this year and I need to send in the check this week. I’m hope hope hoping I can spend the entire weekend with Patsy Z, but I found enough interesting classes to fill in second and third choices without being disappointed.

But you are not to be worried that my cup of happiness has run dry. There was some good creative progress to top off Sunday. I began the second sleeve of the Mountains of Hearts sweater. I’ll knit that to the underarm bind-off and then see how much of the solid color I have left - and knit the shoulder portion of the sweater and sleeves with the yarn I have. I’m wondering how the border lace pattern would look knit into the shoulders - it might be very pretty. It forms its own scalloped edging - what if I switched to the variegated yarn and did one round of that pattern, then switched to stockinette for the very tops of the shoulders - just how would those scallops lie over the solid color heart-eyelet portion of the sweater?

I also plied the two balls of Bluefaced Leicester singles I’d spun on my little Bosworth spindle lo those many months ago. It came to 100 yards so now I have 300 and enough roving to spin into at least another 200 yards. This yarn is destined for socks and it’s mostly blue and it may just become a blue entry into the Md. Sheep & Wool competition.

The final drop of joy in my Cup-0-Happiness - I popped for some blue and crystal seed beads and a very fine needle plus needle threader. An interesting yarn is a-birthing in my brain for a hat brim for a hat for another competition. (Note - Bess’ theory of competition is that the blue one always wins. This is good for me, because otherwise I would never have any reason to knit with blue yarn)

Normally I would end with a
"Think Snw"
plea, but today I am chanting “Snow on Wednesday, please)

posted by Bess | 7:15 AM