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Saturday, February 19, 2005  

Nope, Margaret, we don’t get Good Friday off. Separation of church and state, you know. Neener Neener to you miss Catherine, but remember I am paid less than a school teacher - your tax dollars at work, you know.

Yesterday was a productive day at work. We finally had a staff meeting. New staff came on board just as I began TheWeddingPlanning and while I could help them get going on day to day stuff and yes, I did give everybody a copy of the 5-year plan to read, we hadn’t yet sat around and kibitzed about TheBigPicture. Even yesterday I did most of the talking, but I was pleased to see the new ones offering some ideas and, more important, giving me clues about the sort of things they like to do. I’ve found you get 10 times more from an employee if you can give them the work they like to do and since I can't give them that much money they like to spend... Well, I’m that way myself, so why shouldn’t other folk be?

But as the day wore on I sort of dragged. By the end of the day I was drop-dead tired and my arms and shoulders ached. Now, it’s true, I have been working out at the gym this week pretty seriously. And since TheWedding, on those days when I put in 30 min. on the eliptical machine (a killer cardio workout) I tend to poop out - but it’s also true that a half dozen people were in the library yesterday, happy to tell me that they either had the flu, were coming down with the flu or just getting over the flu. God I don’t know why people feel the need to share this sort of knowledge. The natural Virgoian hypochondria in me is always glad to latch onto those little sickness enzymes that are seeking permanent receptors. I can often fend off invitations from BD’s germs, but when it comes to the general public I seem to have very little defense.

I had to battle my way through the Friday evening Wal-mart grocery shopping crowd and didn’t get home till nigh on to 7:30, long after BD had given me up and started his own dinner. Why does Wal-mart staff their cash registers with 50 clerks between 1 p.m. and 4:59, but at 5:00 they send everyone home; especially on Fridays! By the time I sat down to dinner I’d already scarfed down two bags of snack crackers and a diet Pepsi ( I know, who needs that much sodium?) I crashed at 8:30 and slept straight through to 6:30.

I still feel a little off, but not actually sick. But if I waste a perfectly good illness on a 3 day weekend, man I am going to be royally ticked.

Still, dawn has come with golden arms to encircle the globe in her shining embrace. It’s truly gorgeous outside. Cold, but not wicked cold, and the sun is higher in the sky, so the light looks different, it looks spring-like, even if the air still has winter's kiss. Lots of spring type things will be happening today. Papa birds will be scouting out good nesting sites. Daffodil flower heads will be bulging fat and pale yellow; in fact, I should check along the highway, because, on some protected banks there will be actual daffodil flowers, nodding hello to the cars as they whiz by. The skeletal branches of the bare trees will have little bumps all along them, harbingers of the real spring that’s just around the corner. Sometime in March, I will be driving down our lane towards home, out in my praying place, and I’ll notice the tulip poplar that fringes the woods right above the spring box. It will be a mist of pale green. And I will know that, regardless of the calendar, it will be official. It will be spring.

Maybe there will be a lace cardigan to wear this spring. Maybe. If I log off now and go start knitting. Well. Maybe I just will.

Have a great one.

posted by Bess | 7:45 AM