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Friday, February 25, 2005  

I’m a little sheepish now, since it snowed hard enough in the a.m. to justify closing the library but by 2 it was raining and the roads were clear. Still, I did not go in to work and everyone in the county had to be book-less for 24 hours. I shall be back in the office today, like the good girl I am and come to think of it, I’ll be back tomorrow too. The High Priest of Networking will be in tomorrow to install the new computers, help me with my back-up system, and go over the issue with the website - the one that demands a password for anybody to read the catalog. Ugh!

I cracked open Mr. Darcy Takes a Wife and Animals in Translation yesterday. AIT is very very interesting and speaks to lots of things I have thought and wondered about. It’s well constructed, so it is a comfortable read and if you are fascinated by animals, or people, you are likely to find this a treasure. MDTaW is not my cup of tea. I suspect the plot will be interesting enough, but way too serious, way too modern, and way too concerned with bedroom activities . P&P is not ment to wring your soul, you know. It’s to help you "make sport for your neighbors and laugh at them in return." A quote early in the book ( or in the preface? or the thank you part?) from Our Miss Bronte, complaining that Our Miss Austen does not wring your soul or sweep you with passion, tells you a whole lot about what motivated the author of MDTaW. Well, there you have it. It’s always a bad idea to write a sequel to someone else’s book. Now and then, and just barely now and then, another medium - television, film, opera, theater - can present a favorite book to you without violating your inner camera, but I have never ever been pleased with a different author tampering with beloved fictional character’s futures. I won’t read any more. And yes, I did read the last 4 or 5 pages to see how she tied everything up - cementing my decision to skip the innards. I found it a major Yuk.

In fact, I feel like I almost watched a French movie - another fairly offensive sensory exposure I usually remember to protect myself from. But speaking of things Fraaaaainch, I did buy Ze Fraaaaaainch Booook - about why zair woomenz don’ gait fat. And it is not anywhere near as snooty as the NYT reviewer claimed. It’s provincial, but it is actually a rathernicely put reminder that it’s all about portion control. All your pleasure comes in the first few bites so why not just savor those and skip the rest. I’m trying to incorporate this attitude into my repertoire, particularly during a Chocolateless Lent, substituting delicious berries or other marvelous tastes for my daily chocolate fix. I’m not doing what I would could really call "well" with this, but at least I am not being resentful, the way I sometimes am when I give up something I had grown waaaaay too dependent upon. I have yet to try her leek soup - that sounds a little too Fraaaaainch for me, but I may yet. In the mean time, I am at least moving in the right direction, if I am not actually getting there. And though my diet is usually shot full of holes by the end of the day, I am staying faithful to the exercise routine.

I knit the sleeve of the Mountains of Hearts cardigan up to the point where I must create the sleeve cap. I have never devised my own sleeve cap before, other than my famous short row shoulders technique, and that is not how I am knitting this sweater. Although I wonder if I might. Hmmm. Lawzee! As I type here I am thinking that really might be the way to go. I’ll have to sew up the sleeve seam before I knit it into the sweater body but if I were to use that technique, I would know if I were running out of the solid color at the same spot on both body and sleeves. Hmmm. This is a serious possibility.

But then again - I would like to know if I can design a flat knitt sleeve cap. I would like to know if I could sew it in beautifully instead of hideously. Hmmm. Things to ponder. I believe I will succumb to temptation and start the second sleeve while I think about this.

Two years ago I knit one of those Baabaajoe’s/FiberTrends felted hats up for Mama for her birthday. I ended up giving her my already felted hat and never did get around to felting the second one - till yesterday, when I popped it in the washing machine. I had since bought a nice hat block, one of those plastic ones, and the hat is stretched over the block.

Blocks help hats to dry faster I’ve found, for this one is nigh on to dry. These big sailor hats really are cute. I can’t wait to show it to my beginner class next Tuesday.

I know, this has been a singularly pictureless blog, for a looooong time. I did take some photos of the Wool of the Andes Tam but I forgot to pick them up from the 1-hour place. I will do so today and scan them into the machine. I really must get myself a digital camera - but happy me, in April I am taking a class on using a digital camera and perhaps then I will plunk down some $ on one. La - how illustrative this blog shall be then!

My weekend, along with out of town guests (boat guys, I don't have to be here except to cook) and a Saturday with Mr.WiseComputerPriestNetworkGuy, includes a super treat. I am taking a beading class at last. As a gift to S for her birthday, I enrolled us both in the Sunday beading class at the little bead shop in Carytown (cool shopping place in Richmond, where Ze $700 Fraaaainch Wedding cake was tasted). Too bad it’s this weekend, in a way, though, because look what is happening in Richmond on March 1st.

So - some days I dither for hours over this post and some days it just types itself. I’ve got an hour to go cast on that second sleeve. Ta.

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