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Bess, thanks for the review of the Knitpicks yarn. I was trying to avoid purchases until MD S & W but caved on this one. I purchased 5 colors of wool of the Andes, some alpaca and some lace weight yarn, and now I can relax and enjoy the anticipation. Someone had mentioned that it was "probably inferior yarn" (short staple length leading to early wear and tear) so I was little worried. Nowe I can't wait for the box to arrive! Linda

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Sunday, February 06, 2005  

I wanted to get up to see my folks yesterday. They, too, lost dogs during the cold days after TheWedding. We could commiserate with each other and enjoy a long session with wedding pictures. I didn’t get to see the photos my sister Penny took - they were on my parents’ computer and I didn’t want to spend time with a machine when I could spend time with them. They’ll wait for another day.

On the way through town I stopped at The Knitting Basket, the oldest yarn shop in Richmond. (the one without a web site) I’ll be teaching a beginner knitting class in a few weeks and I wanted to be sure I had enough 16” size 7 circular needles. I was also hoping to find a fresh knitting magazine. I’m still in the “flood my brain with images to ignite the fire of creativity” mode. I’m pouring over back issues of all the magazines I own, leafing through the books in the library. Reminding myself of the possibilities out there. They didn’t have any new magazines but something made me look through the pile of half priced back issues they keep beneath one of their shelves.

Yes. Paydirt. 1980’s and ‘90’s issues of Vogue Knitting.

I have always loved the clothes of the 1980’s. The silhouette popular then, similar to the 1930’s, has always been the one most flattering to my figure - at least, my youthful figure at it’s best. Obviously, details, those exaggerated little tags, dated things to the point that what looked good in the era of Dynasty looks a little stupid in the New Millennium, but the basic shape - the silhouette - is still the same and still looks best on me - except when I’m overweight, when nothing looks all that good. Hmmm. Come to think of it - my figure has always been at it’s worst during fashion cycles that would look bad on me anyway and that I hate. The boxy 1920’s flatness of the 1960’s. The trapezoidal hugeness of the 1990’s. Hmmmm. Give me a nice X shaped dress a la Bette Davis, with square shoulders and a skirt that is wider on the bottom than it is at the top. Yep. That’s me.

When I responded to that lust to knit that swept over me back in 1999, I picked up some old knitting magazines somewhere and as I began to drool over the sweaters I thought were the prettiest, the ones that I would want to wear enough to actually finish knitting, the thought crept into my mind: Wonder when this magazine was published?


Well, no duh.

So for a couple of dollars each, I picked up some fun knitting eye candy. The clerk who handled the transaction laughed outloud and said “Well. We’re finally getting rid of these. We’ve had them since the shop opened.” and sure enough, scrawled across the front of them all was “Shop Copy”. Ah yes. A win/win thing.

BD had an engagement in the city too, so he did the driving and I got to knit all the way over. I took the Knit Picks Wool of the Andes beret I’m working on because it’s such a tiny project. I’m playing with the colorwork at this moment, unable to decide just what I want. And durn - I can’t find my Alice Starmore Fair Isle book with all those pattern charts in it.


Guess I’ll have to paw through the stash today.

But it’s sunny and I’m free and I am still steady on the WW program.

Life is good.

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