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Sunday, February 27, 2005  

I want it to be the day in that photo of Cary Street. Obviously early fall. Clear day, may have been wee bit humid after lunch, but I know that street - the sun is on the down hill side of the day. Probably 5:30 and probably on a Sunday since there is almost no traffic around. La - I love that time of year. They look like Bradford pears, too. Fools. They’ll split sooner or later.

Anyway, I am off to that street in that city today and ready to be pleased. I am sure I need another arty craft to add to my stash opportunities. Beaded scarves and shawls, socks with beaded cuffs, Sweaters with beaded hems. Yes. yes. and earrings. watchbands. yes. I see it all.

Actually what is really driving me these days is the lust to make felt hats. Now, you must understand, I adore hats. I have loved them my entire life. I loved them as a little girl, I loved them as a teen, when they were quite passé. I bought my first fur hat before I was 15 and my second in '72 smack in the middle of the hat-less years. I spent the very last $70 I had one year, at Gigi’s, at Main and Fooshie, on the most glorious small Victorian rolled brim hat with a cascade of ostrich feathers tumbling down the back and wore it to a luncheon at the Woman’s Club. I was so glad when Princess Diana came along with her beautiful hats and made them almost popular again. Like those glorious British sweaters of the 1980’s which tagged along with her fame, it was at last possible to find attractive felt hats in the stores. They seemed to flicker out of sight a bit as the millennium wound down, but there have been some very nice ones available the past few years.

Last December, GD and I were shopping for TheWedding and paused at a hat display in Hechts to try some on. There was this extravagant light olive green thing that just begged to be worn home. I couldn’t quite swing my mind around to spending $ on hats for me - and in fact, I didn’t have either the coat or suit to wear with that hat - but it’s too bad - it was so becoming. A woman looking at scarves and gloves murmured a compliment to me and added that she couldn’t wear hats - and I burst into laughter at this silly statement. Everyone can wear hats - just not every hat. My own enthusiasm tempted her to begin trying them on and while several were nice on her, there was one that absolutely made her eyes sparkle and her face glow. Like a nimbus or halo or spotlight, that hat transformed her from a middle aged woman who woke up depressed to glamorous star shooting across the heavens and, oh by the way, making a pass through her home town while she was at it. Not only did she buy the hat, but our excitement attracted several other customers. Really, Hecht’s should have paid me a commission that day.

Well, anyway, I went back to the Hat Shapers web page and watched their hat making slide show. (At work on the fast T1 line) Oh - I want to make felt hats. I am in love with them. I want to make BD hats. I want to make GD hats. I want to give mama beautiful hats. And all my friends. I want to own all the hat blocks and make gorgeous hats that sell for $$ and $$$ and become rich and famous as the Milliner Extraordinaire of Renown at home and abroad, with a list of clients who court my attention and wait anxiously for the next confection to appear in my little leaded glass windowed shop.

Whew! Ahem. Excuse me. Got a little carried away there.

But I am still dwelling on the hat making lust and we shall just see where it takes me. I know myself well enough to skirt very wide of anything that smacks of production work. But hats - ahh - well - all hats must be unique to the wearer - hats... hmmm.

Yes. Well. I shall certainly make myself a hat or two (dozen) and while showing the Baabaajoe’s felted hat to GD last night, I saw the gleam in her eye - so I shall buy a block that fits her head. She shall not go hatless into fall of 2005. After that - well - we shall just have to see.

We had a house full of happy friends last night. M&C with kids and P were down from Nelson County, full of boat talk, I suspect. C had brought her own knitting, including fabulous felted mittens, and we had a show and tell. I took her into Aladdin’s Cave and was again shamed by my stash - at least, shamed enough to water down any flickerng yarn purchasing flames which might have sprung up during the past week. I have a yarn shop’s worth of beautiful fibers. It’s time I spent time there.

And now - ‘tis off to become a bead babe.

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