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Monday, February 14, 2005  

I have often thought about putting up one of those 100 things about me lists, but when I’ve sat down to write one, I tended to get bored with making the list. I could write a list of 100,000 things about me, and bore everyone else, and probably still leave out my favorite bit of self-trivia. So I thought I’d put up a list that changed at random times and contained only 10 equally random tid-bits about The Queen.

The truth is, I am feeling the first stirrings of html curiosity in a long, a very long, time and am fiddling a bit with the blog. I don’t exactly dislike the beige business suit look of the thing, but as my little spot of earth seeks a little more sunshine I could use some spring colors on this thing. So, the $64,000 question is: Will Bess waste precious time, time that could be spent writing witty piercing essays, or - great Scott! - even knitting, to dabble in code insertion or will she find some other outlet for her latent geekiness? Something like updating the security on her home computer or finding out what is actually wrong with the library web site and fixing it?

Stay tuned to this channel for the next exciting episode in the life of the queen, or at least, of someone Like The Queen.

It was hard to wave good-bye to Jen and C yesterday. They fit in the house so well, comfortably moving from room to room, easily finding things in the kitchen - a sure sign that someone belongs, dovetailing bathroom occupancy, and just being all round fun and welcome guests. BD got to cuddle with a 5 year old girl - one of his favorite activities. He found a lost toy out in the cornfield on Saturday and C and he took it apart to see why it didn’t work. It was so cute to see the two heads bent over a collection of plastic bits.

But my guests have men-folk of their own who were waiting for them in the far north so, well before I was ready, they drove off. The day didn’t continue as brightly golden as dawn’s promise, but it stayed fairly mild. The sky grew overcast. Somehow, come late winter, that grayish light really brings out the dusty look of my house. It’s funny how heating with wood is so welcome and lovely from about October through January, yet as the days grow ever longer, all that wood stove dust and woodpile clutter begins to overwhelm my cleaning abilities, even with the bi-monthly aid of the Marvelous Sheryl.

So once I found myself alone in the house, out came dust cloths and vacuum, mop and bucket. I didn’t bother with the upstairs, but I did get the downstairs clean & tidy and made the living room a nice place for sitting and knitting.

I worked exclusively on the Wool of the Andes tam, ripping out the design I’d put in and knitting something I liked better. An afternoon of knitting got me to the decrease part at the top, when, somehow I miscounted the number of stitches or knit the pattern wrong or something. At that point I knew it was time to stop knitting and do something else. I’ll pick it up again in a few minutes and see what I need to do to finish this hat. I’d like to have it finished by tomorrow because I’m teaching a beginner knitting class on Tuesdays and I always start my students off with a hat. It’s great if I have several different kinds of hats to show them and I don’t have a tam right now.

I did interrupt the afternoon of knitting with a wonderful walk out to Robert’s Landing, accompanied by BD. Robert’s Landing is about a mile and a half from the house and it’s a sweet stroll I never tire of. The long-standing, shared joke about this familiar trek is that BD always wants to take the woods path and I always want to walk out into the middle of the field, via my praying place. Yesterday the forest won. But we also got a grand sight of Mr. and Mrs. B. Eagle, still perched on the pine tree at the bottom of our back yard. And once we got out to Robert’s Landing, they gave us a whistle across the bay.

Another good thing about taking this walk is that it got me to exercise - which is my segue into a sad confession about my diet efforts. They have been meager at best, and most of the time they’ve been down right feeble. For all that I was so high about getting together with TthePT last week - I’ve only been back to the gym once since then. I haven’t followed the WW program at all - even though it requires just a little discipline. Worst of all, since I gave up chocolate for Lent, I have been eating a lot of sugar, mostly in the form of those Valentine Conversation Hearts, as a substitute. The idea was to eat fruit in place of my daily chocolate hit.
Well. It is Monday. Let us hope I can do better this week. And let us hope the scales at WW on Tuesday night won’t be too condemning.

And let us hope we all have a Happy Valentines Day.

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