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See, now that's my idea of a girly weekend!

Oh gosh, I just previewed this and now they have pictures next to our comments. How...weird.

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Oh, how envious am I???? What a wonderful weekend you're having. Hugs to all!


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Sunday, February 13, 2005  

The house is so quiet - everyone’s asleep. Only Sol and I are stirring - for the sun is pouring through the windows, leaving sharp little patterns on the walls. I felt like I’d really indulged, because my body stayed asleep the full 8 hours. When I do that, I always wake up feeling as if I ought to thank my body - that thing I live in that has a mind of its own - for taking care of me. Ack! PodPerson talking here. Ignore.

Woops. So I just type that everyone’s asleep and I hear someone moving about upstairs. This may be brief.

Jen and I had a simply wonderful day yesterday - after we banished Priss from the house. On Friday night, just as I was falling asleep, I heard a different sort of "yip" from her. Skunked! In this cold weather with windows shut, you don’t always smell fresh skunk on a dog, till she shoulders her way indoors, dashes up the stairs and leaps on your bed. Man - she sure woke everybody up early yesterday. I had to wash all my bedding.

B&LD had plans for the day that took them off in trucks, so we had a pure total girlie girl day. A leisurely breakfast complete with knitting was just the trick while the first load of laundry went through - the really stinky load. Once that was on the line we went into town for some shopping therapy. We stopped first at the library so I could show off the great knitting collection. We brought home a 24" stack of knitting books to pour over as well as the first EZ video, since Jen had never seen her.

Next came some boutique shopping. Several cute little stores have opened up in town. They sell the darlingest things, at Tappahannock prices. You can get really great little token gifts for $5 and a little girl with $3 can walk away with rings or lip gloss or tiny china dolls that fit in her pocket. I really don’t have any disposable income these days - or at least, I ought not to consider I do. Income tax season is just around the corner and our car windshield cracked in the hard freeze of January - it will have to be replaced before the end of March. So I would not have bought anything at all, if they hadn’t put out these darling bracelet watches that just cried out for springtime at only $20.00. I am a Cheap Watch Junkie. And that tan leather bracelet just promised chic-edness with a little neutral colored linen suit, come Easter time.

We are fortunate, in my little town, to have an old fashioned restaurant. What makes it old fashioned is it’s smell - it smells like restaurants from my youth. It makes me remember festive times when Daddy took us all out to eat - a rarity in those pre-fast food, pre-2 paycheck home days of nostalgia world. You can order a la carte or take the lunch special. You can buy just applesauce and chocolate milk if that’s all your toddler will eat. And they have a plywood well with fish at the bottom and each kid gets a fishing license. After she eats she can catch a fish and exchange it for a gum ball prize at the cashier’s counter. When LD was little, that was the only place he ever wanted to eat. No MacDonalds play land for him, he wanted to go to Lowery’s for his birthday. He never ate a bite, but he loved to walk around and talk to other diners and then go fishing.

After lunch we headed home, to overtake BD walking back from LD’s house. He offered to take us out in the boat to hunt for eagles. Mr. and Mrs. Bald Eagle watched our progress as we nosed the boat up into the little gut between Robert’s land and ours. The nest is still in the old pine tree on his land, but they were spending the day in the big pine on our bank. Up Farmer’s Hall Creek we startled a third eagle. I wonder if that is the baby that was raised her last summer. I really ought to learn more about the life cycle of Bald Eagles, now that we have a resident family.

We puttered up Occupacia Creek a ways, passing a snagged tree branch angled up out of the water, just showing it’s tip. "It’s a turtle" claimed Jen and BD. "Never" I argued, because they never let you get so close. The bickering went on till BD turned around to get a second look. Just as we came up on it, Mr. Turtle ducked beneath the water and I had to take their jeering with good grace - which any Virgo can do easily, of course.

Back home we stalked up close to the Eagle tree and got some good views of their stately majesty. They let us get just so close - and then flew off, sweeping the sky with their enormous wings, whooshing away to the north.

The rest of the day was spent idling, nibbling, watching Shirley Temple movies and looking at knitting books. We girls, exhausted from staying up way past our bedtimes on Friday night, didn’t try to burn midnight oil on Saturday. Today is another cool crisp slice of weekend and we’ll take advantage of it as long as we can. Alas, they must leave before lunch, but we’ll savor the memory of these sweet hours of friendship a long time.

Just how long is it till Maryland?

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