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Wednesday, February 09, 2005  

Glad you think I’m cute. What I am today is sore, which doesn’t diminish my enthusiasm for TthePT and her demands, but it did make me give pause to the fitness regimen and will cause me to put off another session with weights till tomorrow. I’ll hit the cardio machine this afternoon and sleep like a new baby tonight.

I am also as puffy as a marshmallow - I even have sore abs and I never get sore abs - and it showed on the scales at WW last night. Every one of those muscles was holding on to water, big time. In spite of being pretty much on target all week, I gained a pound. I know it was water - even my shoes felt tight yesterday. So I couldn’t be disappointed about it. Officially I now have 18 lbs to go - but I bet that won’t be true next week.

Last night my knitter’s group met, augmented by an old friend who is interested in taking my EZ sweater class. Fingers crossed that both beginner and sweater class makes up because I would like to teach this spring and I would also like to put some $ into the Golding Wheel Fund. It has about $300 in it right now so I’m what, 10% there? Well, that may mean I get the wheel as a retirement gift to myself, but then again ... stranger things than Bess buying a luxury item have happened before.

Everyone was interested in seeing and touching the Knit Picks yarns. I think what pleased people most was that none of them are novelty yarns. I feel such a sense of ennui among people who have knit a while, concerning these glittery things. Something else that came up last night was my abhorrence for Noro yarns. I swear, when I see those yarns knit up they are so pretty. But when I look at it on the shelves of yarn shops I feel wicked steel points popping out all over and my whole body cringes. I have been on the verge of buying some several times, I’m fascinated by the long color changes, but I must have been some poor kidnapped Korean child who was forced to slave away in a Japanese fiberworks in another life, because I have a real and physical and hostile response to the stuff. Last night several women had Noro yarn on needles. They were so pleased with both the exciting colors and the projects they planned - and lo - there was K, shivering and shrugging and backing off from it and then forcing herself to say nice things to our friends. Our eyes met. We started to laugh, and then confessed how much we hate Noro yarns.

Well, there you have it - we’re all individuals, even when we’re also all knitters. It’s nice we can pick what we like and leave the rest. And don’t have to write songs about it either. I’m thinking here about the retreat Catherine almost got sucked into - and remembering why I like to make my friends one at a time, not en masse. It’s also why I don’t join clubs. Even wonderful clubs full of people I like. Not unless they are gathering to play/work/discuss/volunteer for something particular I want to play/do/talk about/give.

Today is the first day of Lent. Since I wasn’t able to do the New Year’s Resolution thing in January, I am in particular need of some Lenten reflections. That requires some quiet thought - and that’s just what I’m off to do. Think, in quiet, about what detritus I’d like to sweep from my life - what golden light I would like to let in. May this season of contemplation and insight bring us all some bright clear view.

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