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Bess is very cute all the time, and even more so when she's enthusiastic.

Lent snuck up on me this year! I have many "sacrifices" to make, not the least of which is clutter in my body and in my home!

By Blogger Amie, at 3:26 PM  

All of us Virgos benefit from your blog posts: I have been feeling so many of the new moon energies w/out ever knowing about the new moon energies - glad to now know about this.
Yes, you are a cutie poototie when you are enthusiastic & your cuteness shines forth 24/7!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:11 PM  

This new moon is draining me dry, I'm waiting for that surge of energy. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

By Blogger Catherine, at 6:06 PM  

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Tuesday, February 08, 2005  

For us all:

New Moon days are often a little edgy. There's a kind of tension that builds up in the air. Unlike Full Moon tension, though, which is usually heated and dramatic, most folk become a little more inward at this time of the month. We may grow moody, anxious or despondent. Or, we may feel as if we simply cannot accept a certain situation for a moment longer. Within hours that feeling gives way to a sense of renewed hope and enthusiasm. The moon is new today in California at 2.28pm, in New York at 5.28pm and in London at 10.28pm.

And for Virgos in particular:

Mercury is forming a conjunction to Neptune, stimulating your imagination. A further antagonistic angle to Mars is putting you under pressure and causing you to feel restless. Today's New Moon, meanwhile, occurs in the part of your chart governing 'dedication to duty'. You may have a lot of unresolved issues from the past - and pressing concerns about the future - but the cosmic factors influencing you now all have a potential to lift you up and out of any such state of mind - and to keep you out of it too.

Well, I must have gotten my new moon-edness yesterday because my Eureka moment came while driving to work. After yesterday’s whiny post; very cathartic, thank you, I knew I had to attack the ISSUE at work. I know that when I don’t do something I’ve promised to do, there is often a very real reason I’m so reluctant, lying at the bottom of my behavioral pit.

So it was with this issue. In fact, there were layers of reasons that were flattening me into that corner of indecision and immobility. I’d already made the commitment to act on this before Lent begins and while driving to work, one of the lovely contemplation periods in my life, all the answers opened up like clouds parting after a storm. Of course I had to include the Chamber of Commerce in this. And of course I had to have that teen advisory council before I began the teen program. And of course it’s okay to put that off till later if I am going to have Pam Bundy in to give that speech. Well, of course. And the first person I have to talk to is Joanne of the Library Board and Chamber of Commerce Executive Board and well . . of course.

And, just as I suspected, once I’d shifted the stupid boulder, I could deal with all those boxes of new computers in the workroom and scheduling Iris’ lessons in cataloging and all the rest of the stupid stuff that was also NotGettingDoneWhileILurkedInMyOfficeFeelingGuilty. Which made the day zip along in a haze of satisfying accomplishments.

Among those wondrous accomplishments was a session with TthePT. (Tanya the Personal Trainer) Ohhhhhhhh. I am still feeling sooo gooooooood and it’s been 24 hours now. La, I love those sessions. I’d not worked out with weights since last fall. First, I was infectious, then I was busy and then I had inner ear disorder and was afraid I’d drop the weights. I know it was wise to take that break, but everybody knows how easy it is to put off going back to the gym. And since I already knew the difference between weights with and without a PT, I really didn’t even want to start up again without her. And am I ever glad. No. I am Glad! No. I am GLADISSIMO!

I felt a little like we were just getting to know each other, and as if we were old partners, during this session. She taught me things she hadn’t gotten to before. I told her things I had trouble with and right away she identified what I was doing wrong. I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating again and again. Lifting weights should never, ever hurt. Ever. At all. If you like to lift weights (or don’t actually hate it) and you ever think “god, I hate that movement”, it’s because you are doing it wrong. And unless you have someone who knows how to do it right watching you closely, you will keep doing it wrong. And you will make your tendons do all the work, probably you’ll pull one; and then you’ll quit. And then … well … your muscles get weak and you will pull that over stretched tendon during some routine task and the next thing you know, some orthopedic surgeon wants to cut your body up.

But if you are lined up right, if you keep that movement all within the muscle, it grows strong and supports those supple tendons, holds them in check when you have to lean over your desk and move the fax machine and you won’t hurt yourself. If you are lined up right, it actually feels delicious – yummy - it makes you feel free - like you could fly. You realize you have a muscle there that you didn’t even know you had.

(And isn’t Bess cute when she gets all enthusiastic?)

Okay, I’ll shut up. Just know that I am still high from the fantastic session with TthePT. I am a little puffy from working muscles I haven’t worked in 3 months. I suspect I’ll retain water and won’t show any weight loss tonight. But I don’t care. I feel so durn good and I know I ate well last week. The scale will move down in time. I would count this week a success no matter what it says.

And tonight is Tuesday Night Knitters. Sweet. Like a reward for being good at work and good to the body. I’ll take along my Knit Picks yarns to show folk, as well as the lace cardigan.

Not much knit talk beyond that. I must go. Happy Fat Tuesday to all. I am just in the mood for a Lenten Broom to sweep away some sloppy habits. Looking to be “all fixed” for spring. Ta.

posted by Bess | 11:34 AM