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Bess, their yarns are beautiful! I never appreciated hand-dyed yarns until I bought some for myself. I will have to keep them in mind when I've used up most of my stash in about 90 years.

About the exercise and eating better. I completely identify with you on that. My husband has been trying to kick my butt to exercise in the mornings before work and it's been hard but I've done a little bit. The eating better has been a habit for a while. I wish you lots of good meals and tons of exercise - luck won't help, if it did we'd all be skinny minnies. :)

Loved the wedding photos. It inspired me to get mine up on the web.

lots of love,

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Thursday, February 03, 2005  

Dual Issue Post

Day 1 on WW

After a sobering weigh in on Tuesday night I recommit myself to ThatWhichIsGoodForMe
not only out of shame and dismay, but because I know (Really I Know) it is also ThatWhichMakesMeFeelGood.

I wonder if it is the curse of the affluent or a legacy of the poor, that we will always see food as reward and proof of love. Logic says that if something makes me feel good I would keep doing it and of course, the opposite action ought to create it’s complimentary result. Why, then, do I ever: stop working out, eating lots and lots of tasty vegetables, overindulge in sugars, fats, processed carbohydrates? That’s just not logical.

I know, I’m no Vulcan, but I am a sensible sort of person. I like that much math. The only explanation is that I’m missing a piece of the equation. Vital data. Some hidden integer, probably having to do with the belief that thin people have special DNA and I come from a round squeezable family. Long’n’lean isn’t my destiny.

Ah well. As Supreme Naval Gazer of the Galaxy, I am sure I will spend long hours contemplating my InnerLank, but in the mean time I am following the routine, writing down what I eat and I made it to the gym. One of my Virgoian traits is a love of filling out forms. (secret admission - I even like filling out tax forms, just don’t like writing the check) So I am treating the WW steps like so many little checkable boxes.

I made it to the gym yesterday and Tanya the PT just happened to be there waiting for me. I still have 2 already paid for sessions with her leftover from last fall. We meet next Monday to begin again. I also bought the ingredients for an interesting looking lentil and spinach soup, found in one of my WW cookbooks. It will be on the weekend menu and if it’s good I’ll share.

Fiber News

As mentioned yesterday, I am working on a NewProject, instead of trying to finish up one of the many UFO's in my stash. No point in making knitting into one of those whips with which to punish myself. I do this for fun. I’m using a mohair/wool/silk blend from Brooks Farm Fiber. Alas, they have no web site. They’re in Texas and they raise their own goats and make this delicious yarn that they take to fiber shows. A google search on them turns up lots of knitting blog entries. They are one of those inside scoop sort of things. I have always drooled over their yarns, but when you enter the gates at MS&W, 99.99999999999% of the show is to the left and their booth is the second to the right on the second street back. I usually get to them at the end of my tour; numb, exhausted, bag-laden, and broke. Last year was no different, but for a little resentful spark deep within that said “are you really going to go home again without any of their yarn?”

It took a huge gulp on my part to write that check, but I brought home 2 500 yard hanks of silky lusciousness. 1 hank is a solid color of what was called by fashionistas in 2004 “azalea”. It’s an orange pink - the only pink I can wear. The second skein is a variegated dye of smoky blues, yellows and azalea. I immediately saw a lace bordered cardigan with lace edged sleeves, with the blues on the lacy bottom and the azalea on the smooth top.

A dig through my collection of magazines over the weekend produced something close to what I wanted in a spring issue of Vogue Knitting. I’ve cast on and am through the first pattern, though not before paying too much attention to the pattern and casting on 8 inches of too many stitches. I have plenty to gripe about fashion photos in pattern magazines, but I see I’m out of time. I’ll have to wax eloquent about that tomorrow.

I’ll be in a long meeting this morning and, lucky me, I can knit through it. Yes!

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