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You didn't have half as much fun posting it as we did reading it. Thank you so much for letting us enjoy this with you!

Love -

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005  

Changes Coming Soon

First I must thank you all for your warm compliments about TheWedding. I'm very glad you all enjoyed the posts about it. It still looms as one of the biggest things I've ever done in my life and barring raising a really really neat son, perhaps the most successful thing I've ever done.

In answer to the call for photos of Mama in her beautiful gown - I don't have any good pictures. I have been promised several good ones soon and when I get them I'll post them. I really was proud of how she looked. She was just right as LikeTheQueen's Mother.

Catherine, there are some shots that take in more of the room and I'll dig them out too - or - if, like mama's portraits, someone sends me better ones, I will post them. The room really was stunning and cedar trees in the south are almost weed trees. That part of the room decorations cost us all of $10, since we bought after christmas sale tiny tree lights for $1 for a string of 100 lights and the trees were free. Big bang for the buck.

Ditto the calla lily - I'm sure there will be a picture of that either from a friend or from Amy.

Now for the changes. The page takes forever to load with all these photos and I'm going to change them to href links instead of img scr's. You can still see them if you click on them, but it shouldn't take a thousand years to do so. I'll do that this afternoon, on my lunch break.

As for other changes - well, they had to come about sooner or later. They are both change backs. Change back to WW eating and change from sewing to other fiber activities. Last night's WW meeting was a toughie, but not as bad as it might have been. Since I reached my WW goal a year ago, 12 lbs have crept back on, most of them since the fall. This is no surprise. The combination of a series of minor, but contageous illnesses with 3 months of festivities was bound to leave a mark. But it is nothing I want to keep around. Besides, I know I'll feel better for sticking to what is, essentially, an easy healthy routine.

Since I am going "back on the wagon", though, I may as well take off that additional 5 lbs that I didn't take off the first time. A year ago I was really tired of such a strict watch over my body. I was happy enough with the weight loss. It had been a lot - over 35 lbs. But I still had a sort of dream weight that I didn't reach last year. I think I shall see about reaching it this year. If I don't like it when I get there, well, I don't have to stay. But I'd like to know.

So, be ware or be prepared, because you will be entertained by some weight loss posts.

The final shift is from sewing to knitting - because I have begun a brand spanking new project. A lace bordered cardigan from some heavenly yarn I bought last spring at Md.S&W. hmmm. time's a clicking away so I will have to post about that tomorrow.

Again, thank all of you for the happy feedback about TheWedding. It was twice as much fun being able to share it with others. I don't know what I'd have done without this place to let the excess froth spill onto.

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